Friday, February 12, 2016

OH my Clovers! Oh and another shuttle..sort of.

Have you made any progress? Yes and no. With only seven hearts to left to make and join, yes I'm almost done with it. For some odd reason, I'm not happy with it. It's hard to explain, but the top view of the photograph is not what my eyes keep seeing. I can't seem to make out the clovers, all I see is a tatted jumble.
Perhaps, this second picture will be able to better explain. Continuing on, all I can see is the loudness of the thread. It's a lot more neon than what I keep getting when I take the picture. Without seeing it in person, I find it extremely difficult to explain. It's like staring at a bright light, you can't make out the fine details, only that there is a halo of light.

I thought to outline each heart but then it would be too separated and would be a 'heart' not 'clover' doily. A few hours ago, literally, the thought came up to just do the actual chaining in black. This would make the clovers easier to distinguish from one another. After sitting staring at this WIP, I managed to figure out how to map the pattern so I can. Hiding ends won't be too much more tedious than normal.
At this point I decided to do all rings in green. This meant climbing out and different rings and beginning not in the center but on the side where the split rings begin and the top chain ends. I have yet to finish the first heart motif, but I'm hoping it will work out. I literally have a month to finish this.

On one of the Facebook groups I belong to, the Admin sent me a package. It included chocolate, a postcard and a sample of the Twirlz thread from HandyHands. I used it to make a practice 3D flower for a butterfly bracelet. It also is a hard color to photograph. I'm not sure on how I feel about the way the thread works out. I think this type of blending will go in with the other "Looks great as a ball but horrible when put to use" box.
A few fellow bloggers are doing a self- challenge. I'm a very big follower of challenges. They are a wonderful motivator for a mind that gets bored sooner than later. Caroyllyn has an example of what the challenge is all about. It's basically taking any crafting pin from Pintrest and making it then blogging about it at the end of the month. I know Pintrest can be a haven for copyright violators, but I also find it a wonderful inspirational center. I see a tea cup with flowers pouring out of it and I'm inspired to create my own topiary with tatted flowers. This outlet is especially helpful for my resin experiments. Here is my contribution to my own Pintrest Monthly Challenge:

Yes, I copy tatted this from a Japanese link. I apologize in advance to those I offend with this. I have a good collection of tatting books that I've accumulated  over the years. Sometimes, I like looking at pictures and tracing them to their source to see if the pattern is in one of the books I already own. I admit, I sequel like a little girl when I find I do and rush to work the pattern. Also, if I don't, I add it to my "to eventually buy when Honey's not looking" list.

On to the final thoughts: Another shuttle.
These larger bobbing I bought at JoAnn's Craft Store. I was hoping they'd fit in one of my bobbin shuttles. The less time I have to spend reloading shuttles, the more tatting I can get done. Unfortunately, they broke one of my Aerolit shuttles, warped a metal Boyle, and forget trying to squeeze them into a  Pop-A-Bobbin or a GR-8 Shuttle. This trip began with attempting to make a housing for the bobbins out of clay, which in turn I could create a mold, and later cast into resin. Let's just say a lot of clay was sacrificed. Then ironically, when browsing through my Pintrest pins on shuttles, there was a photo of a cheap, easy way to make a home made shuttle. On Beadsky's webpage they gave the basic instructions. I went in search of a "curved" piece of plastic I can cut up. I came up with a large Christmas ornament.
They always are vague when it comes to assembly. The instructions just say to glue it together. With the first one (I manage to get enough blades cut out to make 4 shuttles) I used E6000. It was the ugliest thing I have ever created. Then came Modge Podge. At least I was able to wash the blades clean after that fail. I needed a clear, strong bonding agent. Duh, resin! I used UV curing resin because I was feeling the need for instant gratification.
One problem that arouse was that there was a large air pocket trapped after I used the UV resin to "glue" the bobbin down.

To solve this problem, I dripped more UV resin down the center post and tilted the shuttle until it self filled and the air bubble was forced out. The other side of the shuttle was going to be a challenge to do. I kept adding small amounts of the resin and curing it in layers to create a dome. Once that was of sufficient size, I placed the other side of the blade down and cured that. I present, The Easier Made Upcycled Bobbin Shuttle!

The first run I cut into the top of the plastic above the core of the bobbin and filled in the air pocket that way. The plastic itself looked ugly so I added a sticker and sealed it. I love how this turned out!

Side views for sizing comparison : Starlit, Larger Clover, Moonlit, Pop-A-Bobbin, Upcycled shuttle. The positive to the ornament being used is that the plastic is already curved. I just had to cut one side larger than the other and trim it down after it was assembled with scissors. It's incredible light but has a stable center(after using the UV resin to bond it) to rest your hands on. You don't have to worry about it's shape warping while you tat. It also holds the tension, it snaps back to it's shape. One downside I found was that if I hold the shuttle closer to the points, meaning not resting on the bobbin (center), the shuttle feels like it's going to collapse. Also, the bobbin is permanently attached, so no switching out bobbins. Next on the to-do-list to make one that I can switch the bobbin with. This is too much work for the time being but it's a nice happy future thought.


  1. I'm amazed at your ability to create shuttles! I did see your new creation on Facebook, and now I understand how you made it. I think it looks wonderful!

  2. Your doily is coming along, looking good so far,
    If you would like to join us you are very welcome, the whole idea was to find a pin we liked and try and make it, yes we do often follow links for patterns if there are any, as my January Pinterest challenge will prove some are not so easy, see my post of today and follow the link to the previous post in January, it's was started by me and my friend Suzanne to try something new and now there are four of us, so if you wish to join us pin chicks as we are now know, let us know.
    Your shuttles are lovely and so much work, well don don creating something unique

    1. Margaret, I would love to be included with you group of tatters. The main reason it caught my interest was because I wanted small challenges to give me a reason to keep tatting. I admit, I have dozen upon dozen of collected pins that I "plan" to do one day. lol

    2. You are welcome, we blog all together on a chosen date usually the end of the month, I am sending your link to Suzanne who is part of our group,

  3. Wow, what an adventure with bobbins. I have a handmade wooden shuttle from Elite Creation which uses Pfaff sewing bobbins. I purchased extra bobbins when I ordered the shuttle.

    1. I have one of those too and didn't want to chance messing it up with these larger bobbins. These are too big to fit in my Elite shuttle.

  4. I like your doily! I hope you get it the way you want it!! :)
    Your other tatted pieces are really nice!! :)
    Neat looking shuttle! :)

  5. I think the dark thread outlines the hearts beautifully & really makes them stand out. Looking forward to how you tackle the clover outline :-)
    Great shuttle ! These large bobbins (which I love) finally broke my old steel shuttle. I have managed to glue it with super glue, but haven't mustered the courage to tat with it yet.

    And welcome to the pinterest challenge. These little motifs are very pretty.

  6. Wow great post and lots of pictures so glad to see you become a pin chick we are posting this month on the 28th but you have done yours so I will still reference you on my blog on the 28th love you motif and I too have some tatting books and Asian ones and still found that some the just come up with and have no pattern for :)take care sorry so late on checking your blog out I been side tracked this month.

  7. Hi Imoshen, welcome to our pin chicks group! It's very nice to have you join us and I'm looking forward to seeing your creations. All you clever ladies are tatters except for me, Margaret is going to teach me one day! In the meantime I will enjoy all my others crafts. I' love hour shuttles, what a clever idea. I can see you are going to fit into this group very well.
    Hugs Suzanne X

  8. Interesting story about the shuttle-experiments!