Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter break

 This is Mark Myer's Large Bunny pattern. I tatted it in size 40 Lizabeth Denim. It was an impulse thread buy and it sat, unused in my thread box. I wasn't sure what to use it on since the color play which originally drew me to it, put me off now. I was thinking of crocheting my daughter some more blankets for her "babies" but never got around to it. The lighting was bad when I took this picture, it actually looks pretty in natural light. Who says bunnies can't be whimsical colors?
My mother gave me this Easter basket she put together for me. I received chocolate, which my kids promptly took and ate, as well as the stuffed bunny you see there. My youngest took off with that when I looked away. However, there were 3 jars loaded with seed beads in white, cream, and pink colors! So many beads! I need to find something to make with them soon.
This was all the chocolate I was allowed to eat. I had to swipe it from my kids and run and hide just to be able to eat it. Even though it was mangled, it was still yummy.
This lovely hanky I ordered online from I'm a member of their Rewards program and every few weeks they add some money/points to my account (usually $7-10). I didn't know they sold crafts supplies online until one day in a fit of boredom, I surfed their site. They also have tatting shuttles and every few weeks I use my points to get those. I actually get quite a few different crafting supplies from them. This time around though, I saw these hankies on sale for $3.50 and ordered a pair. Yes, they are the same ones sold by HandyHands. This one had one of their stickers still attached on the back.


  1. Sounds like your break is off to a wonderful start. Great buy on the hankies!

  2. I love the bunny! Whimsical colors are often the best choices. It seems that everyone enjoyed your Easter basket!

  3. Moms are not allowed anything for just themselves until the kids are dispatched to college...or the mom gets really mean. Whichever happens first!
    Happy Easter!