Monday, March 14, 2016

Too much to remember things

The clover doily was finished and the bride loved it! I forgot to take a picture of it before I presented it to her. I can't really blame myself too much, it was a wedding and it was wonderful, so easy to lose track of things.
 Here's the last picture I took of it before it was finished. The edges were "painted" with black dye pen to make the clover shapes more pronounced. I really need to keep better track of progression pictures on my projects.
My Honey and I at the wedding. I love this photo shot of us.

This hair pin was originally going to be a bracelet, until my youngest found it and claimed it for her hair. In return, I was given back a WIP that she 'put away' for me. One of my pinata's in size 10 thread. It had been so long since I've worked on this particular project that I had to study it for a couple of hours before being able to work it again. Even then, I had to retro-tat it a few times and the center top isn't joined closed properly. At least it's being worked in large thread, so it makes it easy to count the double stitches in each ring and chaining section.
 On Facebook's Tatting Shuttle Addicts page, a gentleman Donald Oliver, sells modified Aerolit shuttles. I requested one with a Pokemon character and my Leafeon shuttle arrived! I have to put it to work on this hanky soon. It uses regular sewing machine bobbins so loading and changing threads should be fairly easy to do.


  1. What a fabulous gift that clover doily is!!! :)
    Nice hair pin! :)

  2. Beautiful work. I can see why your daughter would claim that piece for her hair.