Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy Tatting Day!

Let me start off with some tatting that I actually did.
I was planning on making another Sugar Egg for Easter. I haven't got used to using picot gauges, mostly I'm too lazy to bother, so leaving bare thread spaces are a challenge. I embellished those spaces with some of the beads I got in from my Easter basket my mother gave me. I almost used the cream ones but they looked 'dirty' with this color play of thread. After I cut and sewed in the ends I realized I forgot a ring. Let's just say this Egg is in the works again.

On the Pintrest challenge page, March's project was both a success and a failure. The Pokemon figure made of clay came out awesome! The globe of water did not.
It started out great, but I had to walk away and he tipped to the side as the resin cured. There was no saving it now. I did the best but got confused on the resin make I was using and using different resins left a cloudy appearance to the piece.
I did my best to sculpt it into something resembling the original project picture...

I did make another side project with a similar concept. That one turned out better, but then again the character is in a more "Chibi" fashion.
So, we have here both a success and a failure.


  1. I like the effect of covering the bare thread with beads. Pretty thread, too. The fish bowl is so cute. I'm impressed by the salvaged effort as well. If your Pokemon had not churned up the water so much warming up for battle, it wouldn't look so cloudy. ;)

  2. That's a good idea, to use beads to 'measure' as well as cover bare threads. Hmmm.

  3. I'm not good at measuring bare thread, even with a picot gauge! I really like your idea of using beads to measure. Thanks for the tip! Oh, and I like your "mistake" as well!

  4. What an interesting project !!! The clay figures are perfect & your salvaged bowl is here to stay - unbreakable ! Very cute :-D

  5. Beautiful tatting!!! :)
    Neat other projects!! :)

  6. fun to see what you are up to and always beautiful and great too!

  7. Oh dear some projects work out others are a complete failure, At least you had a go and tried, it's better to try and fail than not try at all.
    Roll on this month and what we do hopefully all managing to do something, as yet I have not mind up my mind