Monday, October 24, 2016

A little bit of this and that

This cute little snowflake is called Crowned Wheel from Wanda Salmans. I made it in size 50 DMC thread. I actually have about 7 balls of this size. I don't know how that happened. I began with one and whenever I "earned" enough points through one of the reward programs I belong to, I use it to buy crafting supplies from Well, next thing I know, the UPS driver is coming every other day and delivering a small package with another ball of thread! Since this pattern is so cute, I thought to join a few together and make a mat out of it. I'm currently making a second and I thought to do about 4 of them so see if it's possible to join them together by themselves or if they'll need another element to hold them together.
This lovely creature is my birthday shuttle this year. It's an acrylic shuttle that is made by Shuttles by design. She has some lovely wood ones too. When I have some extra money, I plan on getting a few sets of both. I've also added a few more Clovers to the shuttle family. I want to get back to working with resin and making my own, however my asthma is making it impossible at this point. I'm going to look into a better respirator so maybe I can go back to that before the resin's a gallon, that's a lot of shuttles!

Now that my crochet project is finally finished I can go back to working with my shuttles. I have a lot of snowflakes to make for my coworkers. One has asked me a few times if I'm going to make them. His wife really like the one I gave him last


  1. Lovely shuttle and flake. I look forward to seeing how you connect them together.

  2. Good idea to join snowflakes, it'll be interesting to see how they combine. Pretty shuttle!

  3. I recently printed out that pattern! I'm afraid to join any program where I'd earn free craft supplies. I'd be tempted to purchase way more than I really need!