Friday, December 2, 2016

Creative crash

I have finished the first of the snowflakes with beads. I do like how it looks but I dislike working with beads. Pushing them back on the shuttle as I work has taxed my nerves. The thought occured to me to "paint" them with glitter glue when I stiffen them. That would be messy, so then I thought to use a filament to give it the sparkle. I think I'm in a lazy tatting mode right now.

I received my multi-shuttle pack of Starlight shuttles I ordered and filled four of those with size 50 thread. I do have close to 10 balls of this so far with another two coming in. I began working on one of Iris's Fantasia book patterns. I was confused on where to start. It was obviously not where I actually began, in the center. After taking a break, I actually read the entire book and realized my mistake. It's okay though, where I began let me gauge more accurately how big I was going to work the project.

Then again I was side-tracked and went back to working Teri's Spider CG doily. I honestly just wanted a some what straight forward project to use the many balls of size 50 thread on. I'm currently debating on whether to "paint" the butterflies another color when/if I ever complete it. I'm finding a lot of bright colored tatting projects on my Pintrest feed and that in turn is motivating me a small bit more to do it.

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  1. Love the tatting and white I don't think glue is good it seems to cover the pretty switches