Monday, January 30, 2017

Beads, hearts, then flowers

I'm not sure if I should post this here or on the resin's a mix of both. I made a silicone mold out of a bead and decided to do a casting with some tatting in it. The mold was small and it took a little bit of manipulation to get the sample in there. I was so absorbed into getting it in there, that I forgot to seal the lace. After I pulled it out, I found the white thread had gone semitransparent. Still kind of cool.

On the tatting front, I took a shot at tatting with some ribbon. I kept seeing these beautiful flowers on my Pintrest feed from a Japanese tatter, Atelier Sakamichi(?). I went back through some older links and found a tutorial by Corina Meyfeldt on some basics. I used some 1/8 inch ribbon I had on hand (I have to go buy some organza type ribbon soon). I wanted to make some "puffy hearts" at first. The ribbon got twisted on the second "heart" and I found I liked it better than the first. Stitch counts were just a shot in the dark at this point.

I kept going, reworking the stitches as I went. I didn't want to throw this away after all that tatting. After making two more hearts they became "petals". I tried twisting and arranging them into what I hoped resembled a flower.
I used wire to wrap it into shape.

 My original intention was to encapsulate the wire and the rest of the "stem" with thread. I think I'm just going to wrap it with florist tape instead. So what type of flower is it supposed to represent? Whatever you I really should go buy some organza type of ribbon for this style of flower making. Still, I think this turned out nice for a first run into tatting with new materials and techniques.


  1. Gorgeous beads and love your flower !!! Very stylish

  2. Beautiful flower and thank for the link which I had forgotten about, interesting technique

  3. Never in my lifetime would I have thought of encapsulating lace in a resin marble... awesome! Your flower is beautiful, too!

  4. Beautiful flower & I like the bead!
    A word about organza ribbon: I've tried. All I can find (Michael's, Ben Franklin, etc.) has been so stiff that it didn't do well in tatting for me.

    1. Thanks for the input. My recent treks into my local shops yielded no have a feeling I'm going to have to depend on the internet to get the ribbon in the size I want.

  5. Your flower turned out beautifully!
    I was wondering how you got the tatting into the beads. Thank you for describing how you managed it. I never would have guessed casting with resin :-) Clever!

  6. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments!

  7. Wow, interesting experiments, thanks for showing the first on the tatting blog instead of the resin blog!