Monday, April 24, 2017

Where's the proof?

Pictures...I need to get back in the habit of taking pictures of projects. I only managed to finish one egg.

Most of my effort this month is on those roses. Two dozen-ish doesn't seem like a lot, but it actually is taking a whole lot of energy to just do one. Since variety was asked for, I went in search of 3d roses and only found a few.
Which led to me trying to puzzle out how to do the ribbon encased roses. I posted the question/puzzle on Craftree, and the consensus seemed to be a chaining around the ribbon. The simplest answer is usually the right one.

 For those wanted to know the "how", the answer is a line chain with the core being regular thread and the double stitches and picots are formed with ribbon on a second shuttle. After doing enough for a few petals, I went back and formed the chaining around to make the petals. I did remove the "ribbon" shuttle and replace it with regular thread before doing the outer chaining. It sounds simple right? The trick is alternating the size of the picots and the number of double stitch spacing to create the petals. Graphic tutorial anyone? On my to-do list for next month. I think I should make them with regular thread and ribbon pictures side by side. It was confusing at first on joining because of the gauzy nature of the ribbon.

I did finish a triangle motif from Tatting Fantasia 2. This was mostly to see if I can do it. The whole book is basically made up of variations of this motif. I had a horrible time wrapping my mind around it, so it was a challenge to me. Once I finished it the "aha!" light came on and I wonder why I found it so difficult to tat up in the first place.

I learned that one of my long time coworker friend's daughter has just learned to tat! They moved to what amounts the middle of nowhere so her husband is making her some "rough" shuttles out of wood. Before I knew it, I offered to make her a pair of shuttles out of resin. I have to be honest here, I haven't touched my resin crafting in almost six months. Mostly because my asthma makes it difficult to work just about anything. Kind of hard to work when you can't really breathe.
At first, I tried to remake my silicone molds for the post shuttle. My molds were old and really unusable. I'm embarrassed to say, it didn't work out. I actually had to go back and review my tutorial on my resin blog to remember how to do this.
I did a Lady Haore style shuttle, because that's what the tutorial was for. It was a very shallow mold and the first run broke as I was demolding it. Not to worry, after sanding the shape a little better, I went to fix and reinforce it.
I still plan on making a traditional post shuttle for her, so she can have both styles and decide which one works best for her. I personally don't like flat shuttles when tatting. I feel like my threads get dirty much quicker that way. I will admit I do have a few flat clay shuttles that I acquired many years back. I will make a few molds out of this finished piece so when the mood strikes, I don't have to start from the beginning again.


  1. It would be good to see a tutorial if you can do one. They're very pretty. I haven't absolutely grasped how you do them! Good luck to a new tatter.

  2. Have you seen Corina's tutorial ? She has an excellent stepwise how-to with pictures. Sheshared it on her blog ( and with Georgia's Online Tatting Class.
    Perhaps it is the technique you are looking for?

  3. Love the roses and pictures and there is a great beauty in the clear shuttles with a bit of pretty painting on it😄💟😄

  4. Very beautiful roses!!! :)
    Love your triangle(which looks like a heart shape to me)!! :)
    Beautiful shuttle!!! :)

  5. I'd like reading your tutorial, thank you. Lovely tiny roses.