Friday, May 5, 2017


Working on making the tutorial for the ribbon roses. As I was assembling one of them, a idea came into my little tired mind on how to improve it. It began as a way to help stabilize it, since it is in 3D and I work with fine threads. The first "good" rose was still a bit floppy because of it. After making a successful prototype, it occured to me that writing it down with pictures would still be confusing. Or have the potential to be confusing.

As I worked on the second rose, I knew the best way to describe what I was doing was to "show it". As in video tutorial. I will probably still do a written version but if I can show how to make it in like a 5 to 10 minute video verses a potential 5 page written with pictures pattern......

I am going to have to design a base for these as well. For now I am using the catalyst from Kim's Forever Roses. I want something more simplified  for mine in keeping with the way the rose is worked up. This pattern can be elegantly simple once you find your tatting rhythm with it.


  1. Explaining something is often a lot more difficult than actually doing it!

  2. I agree with Jane but I do get what you are saying it is a cool thing to use ribbon this way but needed improvement Looks like you have done it too! they are beautiful!