Monday, June 26, 2017

A few weeks of randomness

 While at JoAnn's Fabric Store, I picked up two packages of Gutterman spools. They were made of recycled plastic. I wanted to test how they tatted up, so doubling the thread up I made this motif. It goes to a larger project but I didn't feel the need to go further. I like the crispness of it, but it is a bit harsh on my hands. I only picked up the thread for the novelty of it being made of recycled plastic bottles. It rates up in "fiddle-ness" as tatting with rayon thread when closing rings.
 I need to start getting the little project bags to put my many WIPs in. I don't remember who the designer is, or what the project was. This will most likely end up going into the trash in a week if I can't remember what I'm working here.

I was intrigued by a magic square that Robin from Tatting by the Bay was blogging about. A few days ago, the pattern was shared. I squeed like a little girl when I saw this. I began this is size 50 DMC thread. I want to make four delicate looking ones to serve as placemats and one larger in size 10 thread as a tablecloth for my dining table. The pattern is almost memorized, the only part that is stumping me is to remember the rings that go in the corner.
I went back to Clayworking. The intention was to make a new type of shuttle but I quickly got discouraged. I turned to YouTube and found an artist who made miniature fairies and such that went into small bottles. This was the fruits of my labor. I love the fact her dress glows in the dark! The first run was smooshed by my youngest daughter. This is the second run, and I prefer it over the first. I cannot believe how much time I spent working in miniature. It really made me appreciate and understand better why artists charge the prices they do for smaller/finer work.

The newest member of our family...Butter! I honestly hope we can get him to respond to another name, but so far he only listens when we call him by that. He was adopted from our local animal shelter, and I was under the impression he was a year and six months. I was mistaken. He is six months old, a puppy! Who is still teething and trying to chew everything and everyone up. My Tenchi tolerates him as long as he doesn't get into 'play mode'. Which is ironic since Tenchi wanted someone to play with.


  1. Yay! I'm glad to see you working on the magic square. I love to see patterns put to good use :)

  2. I haven't tried tatting with the Gutterman thread. I have tried quilting thread, but that is 100% cotton. Does the rayon stretch at all when you're working with it?

    I have Robin's pattern bookmarked. Isn't it fascinating? I agree with what you're saying about working in miniature. There was a woman in my mom's retirement village who was working on a doll house. Her work was fantastic, and of course it was always in progress.

    For years I promised myself that when I retired I would have another dog. I love dogs! However, it's been a year and I find that the thought of having a furry little companion is very tiring. Your new puppy is adorable, and I love the name Butter. I would be craving a piece of hot buttered toast every time I called for him! ;-)

  3. I love the tatting and proud of you for the tiny threads and work, very beautiful and love your dog I have one that is black with little bunny feet that I adore :)

  4. That's interesting, recycled thread. I have to just admire your tiny fairy, that's not something I could dream of doing.

  5. Recycled thread looks a lovely motif.
    Lovely project bag,
    Lovely fairies well done I don't think I could do that,
    Beautiful puppy I am sure in time he will settle down and not chew everything in sight

  6. Great looking motif!! :)
    Wonderful WIP!! :)
    Lovely start to the magic square!!! :)
    Adorable fairy!!! :)