Friday, July 7, 2017

Let's talk shuttles

During another less than exciting day at work I found myself browsing Ebay. I place a bid on a pair of knock off's of Clovers. Turns out I won the bid...for 32 cents! They arrived in about two weeks. The blade tips don't meet, but I wasn't completely surprised by it, I was expecting it. I'm going to try and get them to meet using hot water to soften the plastic.

I also bought some Japanese shuttles made for the Daiso store in Japan. Daiso is like their version of our dollar stores here in the U.S. I know I overpaid for them( you can get them for $2) but I didn't want to have to place a bulk order for them if I didn't like them. I guess you can say these are clover knockoffs too. They are obviously styled after the clovers. After tatting with two of them, I have to say I actually like them. The little extra roundness on one end feels good in my hand when I tat. I don't like the point, but that can be easily handled with a file.

I made progress on a new shuttle. This was short lived since I woke to find it broken, with only half of one side of a blade left. Like the bones left discarded after the vultures have had their fill. Okay I'm being a little dramatic but that's how I felt when I saw the damage. However two things I discovered. One: it can be done! Two: Now I have to find little inclusions to put in there. The second one may be harder to do than the first. The problem lies in too many ideas, not enough time to test them out.
I think that to make a mold, I will have to make the base pieces in the fast drying acrylic. Mostly because it's instant and I can make any necessary changes immediately by simply filing off the mistake and adding more acrylic. The down side to this process is well, it stinks. When you resin cast, yes there is an odor. I use resin that has low VOC's aka gas/smell. Working with the nail acrylic, oh my, it almost knocked me out. I had to have 2 fans blowing to even began. The gel type of acrylic was easier on my poor nose, but still had a strong "presence".


  1. Sounds as though you have to suffer for your art, putting up with the smell! Good luck with your experiments.

  2. Ha ha! I like your dramatic description! I'm sure you didn't feel like laughing when you saw the bits and pieces. The smell would probably prevent me from even trying to figure out how to do this. I don't like even walking past the nail salon at the mall because of the smell. I hope you enjoy your experimenting!

  3. Your experiments with beautiful shuttle continues 🍃🥀🍃