Friday, July 28, 2017

This fair is going to be a monster

Fair time is right around the corner and I want to put some of my tatting in this year. I plan on remaking the Jan "Monster Doily" in size 12 Pearl thread. Two colors are what I'm working with, black and white. The first run was in size 80 thread but I wanted a more dramatic piece to stand out. Also, the larger thread makes it easier to sew in ends after each round.
The second round seems to be working out pretty good. Then I realized it was easy to get confused on the joining so I'm going to have to mark where to join. Or rather make sure I have the correct number of picots before I join. I had to retro-tat so much on this round.

I am copying what I did with the size 80 thread and the switching of shuttles so much has begun to fray the threads. I went in search of my Thread Heaven to tame them but the little blue box was empty! I found my Thread Magic, which is essentially the same thing but by a different manufacturer. You have to tame those threads!

After beginning the snowflakes I had the thought to make the snowflakes in the same manner as the previous row but thought maybe not. The next rounds were white but then it's the same stacked clovers for two rows.