Thursday, August 10, 2017

Planning mischeif

This video has me convinced that I need to visit this store in L.A. soon. Coincidentally, we are planning a trip down south in a couple of months for my birthday. I think I can convince my sister-in-law to go with me before the family trip though.

I am secretly hoping that they stock the shuttles I purchased online. The girl in the video didn't really spend much time in what I assume to be the craft section of the store. Even so, this video did show the potential. I'm going to have to remember to carry cash only in there. As the video played on, I saw yet another reason to go (as if I needed convincing at this point) the nail art section! I can pick up a bunch of little inclusions for the "Aqua-tat" shuttles I'm working on. I have to thank Marti J Miller for the name suggested on Facebook for the shuttle.

In the mail today was some more of the UV gel as well as the acrylic to make more prototypes before casting the "real" mold for them. I ordered it online since it was cheaper but had to wait a few weeks for it to get here. As hot as it is here in the valley, working outside shouldn't be too bad. I just have to see about getting three days off in a row to work on this. Once I start a project, I have to have that minimum time to work on it or it will never be completed. I will usually forget where I left off or what I was planning. Writing it down doesn't help because once that moment for creation has passed...well, it's passed.

On the Monster doily front, I currently have seven of the twelve snowflakes finished! I'm really bored with this round. I hope the longer outer rounds don't feel as tedious as this one. 

There's also the Facebook TIAS by Alenalea. It's a short cute little doily so I think that this one I'll actually finish within a couple weeks of it's conclusion.

Pintrest has pulled me on another crochet project. What originally was going to be crochet flip-flops for my little one is turning out to be for me. I am going to modify the pattern to encase my entire foot rather than be house slippers like in the original link. Oh goody, a chance to update the Pintrest Challenge page for me. I plan to do an entire crocodile *cough, dragon scales,cough* stitch motif-ed theme of projects.


  1. Both doilies look wonderful!!! :)

  2. Your snowflake doily is looking good, I got fed up it several times but I'm glad I did finish it in the end.
    The tat along doily is lovely I enjoyed the tat along, I'm still on the last round and it's a gorgeous pattern.