Saturday, August 12, 2017

The next round : JMD

Finally finished that snowflake round! It seemed to take forever. Now this next round seemed to be moving along super fast compared to the previous round. It was when I moved to my chair in the living room where I have more natural light, that I noticed a problem.
I'm not sure if you can make it out in the picture above, but there is a color discrepancy.. The rings are being formed with the left over thread from a previous ball. The chains are with the new thread I picked up earlier this week. The new thread doesn't appear to actually be white. It has a more cream coloring to it. I went back to find the label from the first ball and the tags match the new thread. I thought that maybe there was two different whites in Pearl 12, one regular the other bright white, like with DMC's rayon and embroidery floss. Well then I thought that after it is washed it would match more closely. Normally this wouldn't matter, but this is for my fair entry, so I need the colors to be correct. I had no choice but to snip off the work and start over.
The difference is subtle, but more noticeable in this photo. I suppose it could be interpreted as a deliberate change in colors by adding grey in the outer last rows but I don't believe there is a Pearl 12 grey available. I rewound the shuttle with the new ball and kept tatting. Next mistake was that I kept tatting for too many repeats that I forgot to join. I'm going to retro-tat the rings and chains. The ball is already half gone so I don't want to waste thread even though I will be wasting time to undo the work. The deadline for the entry fees in next week. Besides this doily, I have four other projects I want to submit. If I'm not at halfway done with this by then I know it will not be finished in time. There is another two tatting projects and a wire entry to make. I was also thinking of some clay projects but have my doubts about the ability to finish it all in time.


  1. What a shame. It can be difficult to match colours. I hope you can find a solution and finish in time.

  2. What a shame, that can be a problem when starting a new ball, hope you can get it sorted