Sunday, November 12, 2017

Exquisite doily

This is a free pattern from the Australian "Trove" newspaper. I began this project earlier this year. I began with the purpose of graphing the pattern and making small adjustments or "shortcuts" where I could. The center point was easy and the enclosure box was saved a cut and tie with the use of a split chain. The first half of tghe outer arms uses a series of split rings to progress around. The terminology had me a bit confused for a bit as I am not used to reading 'antiqued tatting terms'.  The final center of the arms point worked out in a similar fashion to the arms.

I have one "corner" completed. I'm sure once it's sewed down it will look much better. My issue is my sewing skills are not so great. I tried laying it out to see if there was a way to join the separate elements into one. There are potentials but depending on your tension, it may not work out.

I'm beginning a second corner point testing the joining to see how they play out. It's being worked in size 50 thread since I have such a large abundance of it. I do need to begin making this year's snowflakes for my giftees. Today will be the doily, tomorrow the snowflakes.


  1. Good luck, it's not easy to 'translate' old patterns into modern terms, but often well worth the effort.

  2. I have trouble translating old patterns, so I give up before I get very far. I wish you luck!

  3. Your doing great I think I remember seeing this one and will stay tuned to see progress 😄