Saturday, February 10, 2018

They strike

I'm currently cat-sitting my oldest daughter's cat/kitten/razor fluff ball with sharp teeth. He apparently is accustomed to playing with dogs and not other cats. He and my Butters like to chase one another and wrestle a lot. Another of their favorite hobbies is wrecking havoc in my Momcave. Butters' has learned to simply lay under the desk by my feet or in a sports chair that I brought in for him. Well, the cat has apparently reached his inner kitty and is in love with the balls of yarn I stash in here. He's learned to open drawers to get to them. This is his latest work:

Thankfully he didn't get to chewing up the book. I get to spend a few hours detangling threads and maybe saving this project. A few of the size 80 balls escaped their attention and I've moved them to an empty chocolate container. Yes, chocolate. Recycling at it's
This is a daffodil from the Ice Drops group on Facebook. I made this with two strands of rayon floss. I tried to burn seal the ends and ended up burning some of the picots instead. I should have used a better controlled flame than a match. The bad thing about rayon is that it unravels and tangles itself up really bad. I tried sewing in the ends but they came loose. What a shame I liked the way this flower turned out.
I made up some little kitty heads and thought it would be nice to make a small plate with it. It has major bubble issue, the resin is getting on on it's shelf life. So I'm basically casting whatever as much as possible.
In this light you can see the bubbles better. I made a second one with some blue tint to it and it looks much better but no tatting in it. It's a good little side dish to hold some beads or cabochons as I work on the desk.
The progress on the 'El Dorado' doily. I'm using the edges I've tatted up already to get a feel on how it's to be joined. This looks a lot better then the photograph given with the pattern.

I did add 8 beads to the center and joined the picots instead of letting them just float free. Maybe I should have made the other picots a little bit larger. This shouldn't take more than a week to finish. The strips tat up in about and hour and a half. Substituting beads for the picots on those long chains helps since I don't have to focus so much on keeping them even.

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