Tuesday, February 6, 2018

What is that?....a UFO....maybe

 I went back to working on the Monster doily. I found a horrible mistake. The small rings between the trefoils is wrong. It's supposed to be ring of 3's, I made them 4's. There was no way I was about to try to undo all those rings and hide all the ends. I snipped the entire row off. Oh my, it hurt to do it. I was thinking maybe it wouldn't make any difference, but the increase of width is subtle, it would. I didn't even want to look at it anymore.

 I still wanted to tat, but not on this. I went to my UFO's. Rather I went to UFO's that I had on this blog that I couldn't find the final piece. Now most of my tatting I give away but there's usually a photo showing I finished it somewhere. I have about 15 UFO's. Not too bad considering how long I've had this blog. I chose the one I thought would be the most fun to do. This one is the "El Dorado " from "Novos Modelos de Fivolite".
I've done this one several times. I couldn't believe I couldn't find one single finished picture on any of my hard drives. As I began I thought, well may as well go all the way! I'm adding beads. This pattern is extremely picot heavy. I wanted it to look classy while limiting how much starching the entire piece will eventually need.

The centers of the strips seemed to be the easier option as I didn't want to spend hours stringing beads on my thread. Those long chains between the sections was also a definite to be beaded area. I did a practice section and am pleased how it's turning out. Can you imagine the drape of this on a square box? For once I don't mind hiding the ends in a pattern. I also joined the first and last picots of the chains on the side for stability. After making 4 strips (I need 8) I thought it would be best to make at least one center just test where to add more beads that would not be disruptive to the pattern as a whole.

Now in the photo in the magazine, the main central piece looks very cluttered and it's hard to make out what's a ring or just a tangled mess. In my attempt to make it, I decided to add beads to the center of it to spread the rings out.

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