Saturday, March 17, 2018

Because I was bored

Honey and I made a trip to Hobby Lobby. His involvement was more to entertain me so he can be left in peace while he plays his video games. I went with the purpose of getting a felting mat. I did pick up a little one that included a pair of needles as well.
Going through their clearance section I found a package of felt for a quarter. I picked it up as well to practice felting with before I begin my Daiso project. I went in search of something to make and decided on a Pokemon: Gengar! This has no pattern or tutorial to teach me. I just picked an random image off the internet and watched a few basic felting tutorials on Youtube.

Omg, this craft is not for the impatient. Making the body went at a smooth pace. Making the ears, hands and legs, was a test of my patience. Just forming the hair took an hour! The smaller the details, the longer it takes. One thing I discovered is that as I began, I thought I had compressed it correctly. As I continued to work, I found that I needed to tighten the fibers more. The 7 needle tool was a life saver on my hands. I did use the single needle to touch up the piece, but the tool made it faster to add and do an overall shaping. In hindsight maybe I should have recorded the process for others to use as a tutorial. I need some red and white felt to finish the face, but I'm proud of what I created from scratch as my first run.

Exploring the store I found some metallic thread in the quilting section. There was also some thin bakers twine. With a reloaded spool included, I picked them up. 

The twine crocheted up real nice but I didn't care for the way it tatted up. It reminds me of the Twirlz thread from Lizabeth. Speaking of, I found 1 ball of the Blue Ice, I had to get it even of it is in size 20. 
I have a lot of neglected tatting balls of size 20. Maybe I'll crochet with it, I do need to make some Pokemon in that color scheme for my "Trainer".


  1. That felting is something I want to try looks like fun 🌹💙🌹nice thread I enjoy sewing thread and there are way less mistakes in the thread too.😄

  2. I watched a tv program about felting the other day, they made it look easy, but I suppose the time was shortened to fit in. It has plenty of possibilities. I’ve only done wet felting, not so much of a 3D approach.