Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Modge Podge of crafting

 Playing with resin again. UV resin that is. My sister-in-law asked for a Pokemon Go Incubator keychain. She sent me a photo of something similar for inspiration, and she seemed to enjoy my interpretation of it. Being in mood to keep crafting I made an 3D egg as well.
 Jumping ahead on the Pokemon theme, I found a crochet tutorial to make a Pokeball granny square. The artist made it into a blanket. Her pattern is the one on the left, I added a black border to the one on the right. I did this for two reasons, first it helps keep the ball from being stretched out. Two, it also makes the ball stand out a bit better. I currently have 6 blocks done in worsted weight 4 yarn. I did go with super soft yarn just in case I decide to keep it for myself.
I was taking my walk and came across a few rose bushes. I feel in love with this rose bud. I don't know what it was about it, but I stayed there a good five minutes just staring at it. I finally just took a picture so I wouldn't seem so much like a creeper and continued on my walk.

While at Target, I found this cute mini backpack in the stationary section. It's listed as a pencil pouch but I've never used pencils that small. It holds more than I expected. I actually have a yarn bobbin with 2 size 50 thread balls wound on it, 4 shuttles, my micro-hook (Clover thread pic), and a half finished project. Oh and I can also tuck 3 cards into it. It also has a clasp to the top of the back so I can just clip it where it need to. Pretty good purchase for $4.

Back to the crochet theme, I ran across this project on Pintrest. I must be on a granny square kick.
 Following multiple leads/links, I was finally directed to the website in Russian that stated it had no written instructions. Again, the comments gave some wonderful examples of what others made. Most  important to me, was the video links of how the granny squares were made. Now you're supposed to have five colors but I didn't want to hassel with so many ends to hide, so I whittled it down to three colors.

I thought the flower faded too badly so I changed the center of it to the red. I was thinking of adding a final color of black to make it pop more, but I didn't have it on hand. I am working with crochet size 10 thread. I did order it the colors online to pick up at my local Walmart however, the black is still in transit. While there I went to just look in their yarn isle because sometimes you can find what you are seeking in odd areas. No black in size 10 but I did find this Boyle hook collection for $15!

  I carried it around for a while trying to decide if I really needed it. I ended up buying for the size 13 &14 hooks. I can purchase this separately online but will probably end up paying the same as this entire kit. I can never find those two sizes in any of my local crafting stores. I really didn't need those other hooks but at least this way I have some in a pouch instead of in random containers everywhere.

 This cute little leaf is a WIP for a new Ribbon Tatting Flower idea that's been rolling around my head. I picked up some rick-a-rack silver ribbon. I tatted around the edge and got this lovely shape. The ugly to it is that the loops from the braid warped out badly as I was tatting to it. I think I can just make a pearl chain for the center then I should have a more stable leaf in the end. Either way it has a very nice classy clean look to it. I have about two dozen leaves to make first before I'm ready to move on the actual flower design. The idea was to have a new flower for Mother's Day, but realistically, that's too short a time frame creative wise. And finally we have my favorite crafty project completed:
The tatting pattern itself is by Roger Freeman. I had ordered a saucer mold online but didn't check the dimension of the finish piece. It came out larger than what I originally wanted. After making a few of the little dishes with random whatevers included, I thought why not add some tatting. I started with size 30 thread but it was just a little too big. I moved down to a size 50 and it fit perfectly. The tatting I did not wash or seal before pouring the resin onto it. If you look closely you may see some discoloration from my dirty fingers tatting and manhandling the piece. Previous experiences working with light colored threads into resin was that it needed to be sealed, usually with Modge Podge, before actually casting. I was surprised to see it didn't go transparent. I did leave the resin sitting for ten minutes before pouring and I believe that's what assisted. It was already starting the chemical reaction to hardening but not in the gummy stage yet so I was able to pour it. There was some manipulation needed to coax the resin to go all the way down to the edges of the saucer. After popping it out of the mold there was only some light sanding to even out the bottom of the saucer and to remove a small bit of over-pour on the rim. The gorgeous model in the photo was created by Middy Clark over on The Knotted Vine.


  1. I crocheted that flower blanket for my granddaughter, worked out really well. I love your combinations of tatting and resin, so clever.

  2. So many different things you covered today I too like the resin project😀

  3. My goodness! You are really going strong with your crafting! I like that granny square afghan, and I agree with you about the flower kind of fading. Your solution of the pop of color in the center is perfect!