Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Contain your excitement

For those who aren't aware of it, I am an asthmatic. One of the downsides is that I have to use a breathing machine at night. An upside is that I now get monthly storage containers for my crafting in the form of recycled nose mask cases.
I've been using these to keep a pair of shuttles and a few cabochons I've made to make Ice Drops. Another is used to store the tiny butterflies I make when I unload shuttles. They are recyclable but the closest recycling center to me doesn't accept "medical plastic".
This one is a yogurt container from Walmart. It only cost $1.50 so I picked up a few extra for crafty purposes. I wasn't sure if I wanted to add beads to the project in the jar, so I poured some into the top of the container to have on hand should I decide to add them. There's half a ball of size 20 Lizabeth thread along with a beading needle, two shuttles and a few pieces of the WIP in there.
This last one is a crayon box, found in the stationary section. I'm using to hold the floss that will be used to make my miniature crochet pokemon for this year's fair. I only picked up six of these because I have no idea on where to store these. They do stack on one another, so that's a plus. I also like the clearness to it which lets me see what it is without having to take apart the stack. There was another larger container near these where I could use as a master box for them, but it was a ugly orange-ish color that made my eyes want to bleed out. A bit dramatic that last sentence, but it did force me to look away because it did actually make my eyes hurt just looking at it.

I have the next two days off so I'll be spending many a long hour going between my different craft obsessions right now. ^_^


  1. You're doing your own recycling, good for you!

  2. I like to re-purpose clear containers for storage as well. Such a waste to throw them away ;-P)

  3. Love the recycling, I use my husband's empty electrical tape containers it's great 😃