Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Repair day

Last week was a "shuttle clean up" day. I go and find all the stray shuttles (sometimes their remains after the dog has played with them) and try and get them in some semblance of organization. I was extremely happy when I found this one. I have been mentally debating with myself whether or not I actually bought it from Rita. I'm working on placing an order in a few days for some new shuttles, in honor my 10 year wedding anniversary! Wow, has it really been 10 years....doesn't even feel like it. Actually now that I think on it, I don't really notice the passing of time, unless it's to prove a point to my Honey. LOL. Now that I know I have this one, I can browse around for a different one.
 As far as the organization went, it didn't, because I found TWO of my PopABobbins in pieces. I managed to save this one with some gorilla glue but the dogs teeth inpressions are pretty deep. They snag on my hands when I tried to use it. I'm thinking another resin project is in the works. Maybe engrave a little design onto the surface and do a resin pour into it. I was planning on doing a resin seal to smooth the surfaces once again, so why not get a little fancy with it?
I'm going to wait and see if I can "fix" the other one first so I can work them both at the same time. Besides being broken along the center there is also one point that is dangling along. I do think it is salvageable though. Since I was already working with my hands, I glued up some plastic shuttles using a pair of the large bobbins I found in a box.
This was made cutting up a large clear ball ornament. You can clearly see the glue holding it together. Normally, I would use resin as my bonding agent, but I was inpatient to have the shuttle in working order. The air bubbles that were trapped as the glue dried gave it a crazing look that is rather ugly. I tried using washi tape to cover it. Decoupage is not one of the crafts I have on my crafting belt.

It actually came out worse, so I just peeled it off. I think I'm going to just add some watercolor stickers I picked up and seal it. 
Isn't this a cute little container? I'm tempted to make a few of these. They consist of two of the little saucers and in the center or wall of it, is a candy sprinkles jar upside down.The little resin cat is secured to the bottom of the saucer to act as the handle for the "lid".


  1. I give you credit for trying to salvage broken shuttles. I'm afraid I'd have just chucked them!

  2. That container is really cute !!! You are so creatively handy :-)

  3. The container is lovely and the tatting and I noticed my dog is temped with the bone shuttles and is scares me :)