Monday, July 23, 2018

Fix it, play, and think it through

Butter's attacked again! He has a major attraction to wooden shuttles. I mixed up some resin and used it to 'glue' it back together. It looks a bit lumpy but is actually smooth. The dog's little teeth gauged it really bad. I did the same for another one of my Pop-A-Bobbin shuttle with clear resin on that one.

There was resin left over so I made a quick cabochon for an Ice Drop to be made in the future.
 This little strip of triangles was just an attempt to keep busy. I finally received my fair entry catalog and was trying to find some ideas to enter. I only downloaded the catalog, I haven't had time to actually read through it yet. I stopped here because I lost track of my progress and went the wrong way. I wasn't able to split ring climb to the next element. I think it would make a nice trim if it had another row of simple rings to join this strip to a piece of fabric.

 It's the five year anniversary of the Facebook group, Tatting Shuttle Addicts, of course I had to order one to celebrate. I love Rita's acrylic shuttles, there's a few in my collection already.
 This little piece is going to be shaped around the bunny and made into a keychain. Now I will always have a pattern at my fingertips to tat when I'm bored. The pattern is from Wiki. The file was found on imageshack.
 This little clay Evee with it's Pokemon egg never made it to be baked. After sculpting them, I made the mistake of leaving them on the desk when I went to work. I came home to an empty baking sheet. I couldn't even find them anywhere in the carpet so I can assume they were eaten or became bottom shoe art for someone else.
This lovely bamboo tray is going to be converted into a small shuttle display table. After making some dividers for it and a acrylic hinged lid. I'm in the recycling ugly end table phase right now. This will be the top to a recliner side table. Maybe even add some fine tatting and sealing that with resin.....The ideas are flowing right now. I just need time to make it.


  1. Wow your post was made of great little treasures of knowledge, I love it all🌹😀🌹

  2. Luckily, you have the skill to repair your shuttles. I'm afraid I'd be lost! A tatting pattern keychain... that's a great idea! I can't wait to see your shuttle display table!

  3. That poor pop-a-bobbin shuttle has gone through such a lot since it left here, well done on rescuing it.