Fair tatting

It's that time! Six projects to be entered into the fair this year. Two in the Tatting Category, two in the contests, and two in random categories that I could squeeze tatting into it. Let's see how they rate this year. 
  1. The first piece, Jan's Monster Doily.
Here is where I left off last time. I was really annoyed by the fact that the picots were getting twisted up. I know with blocking it will make it better, but it just annoyed me at this point. I was so bothered by it that I started over without any picots but joining picots.

I like this version much better. It feels cleaner. I didn't switch the shuttles to get the tree shape on the third round. I actually forgot to do that and was going to redo that round but I had already joined four of the next rounds motifs before it registered. I just kept going, I can do that on a further round, since it does repeat later. These motifs are tatting up quicker without having to worry about not having enough picots on each ring.

         2.The second in the Tatting category is just a bunch of 3D flowers. I was working on some ribbon roses at that time and just settled on it since it was somewhat unique looking. It wasn't something you would typically think of when you think of tatting lace. Besides the ribbon roses I can make other flowers with wire and regular thread. There are a bunch of 3D flower patterns out there so I can make different species.

         3.The first general category was "beaded lace". I'm not very original here and am using the El Dorado doily.

I really should be hiding ends as I go. As I go further along those tails get caught up in the element I'm working. I still haven't gone to replace my big eyed beading needles yet, so I've been putting it off. I tried doing the magic thread trick but even using the 32 guage wire (really fine) and it still leaves the double stitches looking stretched out of shape. The larger center motifs that go in each quarter had typos in the directions. I've redone it several times without joining it to the main piece, and I'm glad I did. They do not fit. Six is the magic number on this piece, meaning that most sections on the motifs are counts of six. Unfortunately doing that makes them way too big. I did a couple with three then four double stitches and the four count seems to work better. The most time consuming part is stringing up the beads on the connecting chains. I only did one corner before deciding to do that last, next to the hiding ends part.

          4.Christmas Articles was the next one. I chose to make a Ice Drop. I made the Birthday one.
I could not believe this was finished in a little over an hour. For the center, I just filed a resin cabochon failure until it fit withing the center. The tiny flower sat just right so you can see it through the rings. I probably should have used silver or lavender beads to compliment the flower better. I might just redo it like that. Especially since it didn't take much time to tat up.

         5. The first contest is Butterflies. How fitting is it for tatting? I'm brainstorming on how to display these so they look their best. I can't have them flat, I want them to look like they are in flight.
I unloaded a shuttle with these. Of all the different tatting being done, this project has to be the fastest and funnest one to work up. Who doesn't like making butterflies? I made about a dozen in white using the downtime at work, but they flew away with coworkers who just "adored" them. I finally have a purpose for some of the fine pastel threads that are just hanging out in the thread box. I think a larger (size 20 thread) should be a focal point with all the rest of the butterflies( sizes 40/80/100) flying around it. Dramatic, that's what I want.

          6. The final contest is Rainbow theme. I just listed my piece as tatting lace rainbow. This will give me leeway as to what to create. I didn't have an actual plan for this. I just wanted an excuse to use up more of the colored thread so I can make room for new thread. One idea is to pick a heart motif that can be easily repeated in the various colors of the rainbow. They can be joined together for stability.

There's a month to complete and turns them all end. Let's get that speed tatting on the way! Sometimes I find that I tat my best pieces when I'm on a deadline rather then a leisurely tatting pace.


  1. Wow, that’s a lot of work, good luck with all your fair entries.

  2. Everything is already lovely, good luck!

  3. What state are you in? they look fantastic!

    1. I'm in California. The state fair has just passed, I'm tatting for my county fair.