Friday, August 10, 2018

Let's start working

Up went two of the smaller shuttle cases. The top has a few of the different colored Clovers, the bottom has resin shuttles that I have made over the years. You can see how aged they are by how yellow they tinted, as they were made with a cheap resin class back when I was learning how to work with the medium. I hung up two more cases on the wall, but they need to be painted and the shelves added....yeah a definite work in progress.

Since the shadow boxes are lightweight, I'm using 3m Velcro strips to hold up the boxes. They're rated to hold up to 10 pounds, I doubt the shuttles weigh that much. (haha). The only motivator for this is my dog Butters. This little fluff ball has learned how to open the drawers to my toolbox and picks out random items to chew on. I have to put my tools up on the walls now, so annoying.

This is a 100 Yen shuttle from Japan, that I painted in UV resin. I was trying to figure out if the resin will bond to these plastic shuttles or if it would flake off. This was a prompt from the facebook group Tatting shuttle Addicts, where a member wanted to know on how to seal shuttles they paint themselves. As you can see, my painting skills are very crude and basic. I like the background more than the actual focal point. This is five layers of painting with resin on it. It's pretty thin, I like how it doesn't add much to the width of the actual shuttle. I tried to 'pick' the resin off, and it did come off the side edges but none came off the flat top. I really tried to pick it off too, since I wanted to repaint something else on this. It's going to need some sandpaper to get it off. Now I know, at least on these type of shuttles, that the resin is a really good sealer. Now to try this on some Moonlight shuttles. I have some I purchased where the shell is starting to lift off the shuttle. I don't know how these were sealed, but if the UV resin bonds similarly, I can repair them.
I tried using super glue on the blue shuttle but it just made a nasty glob on the end and lifted after some light tatting work with it. Before I attempt to repair the bottom green one, I'm going to try sealing some stickers on another pair of Moonlights I have. I really don't want to ruin the shell layer on it. If I can't fix them, into the collection box they go. They're Moonlights, I can easily pick up a few pairs at Hobby Lobby here locally.

Now for the actually tatting updates:

It's time for some fair tatting! I can't add any of the pieces I finished last year prior to my Mother passing away, I get too emotional when I handle them. Just thinking about them gets me teary eyed. Shake it off girlie, let's keep moving. I finally read the categories for the entries. There's a 2 per class limit, so two tatting items. To qualify for best of show there has to be 3 or more separate entries. I have a strong suspicion, there won't be a best of show for the "tatting" section. There was no tatting entered last year according to friends who attended.
This is one of the famous UFO's on my blog, the El Dorado Doily. It likes to visit in different colors and thread sizes but never finishes the story.

This pattern that has been working up faster as I do all of an element instead of a section. The very center will be the last I work. I haven't hid any of the tails as I worked. I was having a blah crafty day and decided to sew them in. I broke 3 beading needles and only managed to work in four elements. Today I was supposed to go pick up some more, but the air quality is very harmful to us asthmatics, so inside I stay. I clearly tat too tight. At least I know the finish piece will last for years. This one is going to be listed as miscellaneous lacework with beads. 

One of the sweepstakes entries is Butterflies! How can I not tat them up? These were worked up last night before I got too tired. I'm going to do them up in multiple colors. I think I'll use Ruth Perry's Celtic Butterfly as the center piece and lay these around it. I'm still planning out the display of them.

There's one more for a "Rainbow" category. I think I'm going to do some "tatted balloons", or something along those lines. I have another week to pay the fees and a month before it all needs to be turned it. I think 5 projects in total will be a good amount to do without me getting overwhelmed.

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  1. I’m glad you’ve found a solution to the problem of Butters chewing your shuttles! Good luck with your fair entries.