Thursday, October 18, 2018

The results

How was the fair? Well one one hand everything I entered got a ribbon. On the other hand, most of the pieces were damaged when they were turned in as it was literally at the last minute that I was able to turn them in. My little helper had started playing with the pieces she was holding while I was driving there.

The Jan Monster doily only was half finished. I cut off the entire row I was working because there was no way I would've finished, real world life cut too deeply into my time the last couple of weeks. The ladies were still impressed oohing and awwing and immediately commented on the tatting. Now I can continue finishing the rest of the pattern as my leisure.

The beaded doily got crumpled up into a ball during transport. It looked horrible. The fact that it even got a ribbon surprised me.

The first contest submission, the rainbow, received an honorary mention.
 Here is the close up of the water lily's I created for this piece.
The butterfly contest piece lost almost all the butterflies I made for it. Only these which were glued down with superglue verses hot glue, survived the fair. Originally the steam was full of different sized butterflies. I'm thinking of just refilling them and putting it for display in my living room next to my Mother's ashes.

The flowers lost half their pieces during the fair time as well. In the center, it had a large ribbon tatted water lily as well as several other 3d flowers.
The ribbon water lily came out looking so delicate. I really liked it. I'm also glad I had the sense to take WIP photos of most of the pieces because they came back looking very different from what they were sent as.

The one piece that I was sure would get a blue ribbon, I dropped when I left to deliver my submissions.  The Ice Drop didnt make it in. I was so upset about this because it was the best looking piece I could have turned it.

After all of this drama, I just put the shuttles away for a while. I did some shuttle shopping online and received four sets of these transparent shuttles off Ebay.

 They are actually pretty sturdy and good quality. I got them with the intention of decorating them. I have to wait for the UV resin to arrive. Using regular resin puts too much strain on the shuttles and the blades come apart. Like it did on this shuttle I was doing for the purpose of a tutorial.
For some that little gap is no big deal. For others, who use finer threads like myself, I find my shuttle unwinding when I drop it. It's a real headache. I don't know if this can be fixed or if it will just go into the "collection" box.
I admired this shuttle for so long, ever since I first saw it on Pintrest, as part of someone's pins. I even tried thinking how I could make one myself. Metalwork is not something that I think I can do. While I have no problem using a rotary tool, the sparks and other heat related tools put me off. So when it posted on Facebooks Shuttle Addicts page that the artist was selling them again, I ran over to the Etsy shop and got one! I should have ordered the tool to adjust it as well because the tips do not touch. I have some nylon pliers that I could probably use to close the points. For now, it's in the shuttle box.

Some sad news with mixed blessings has happened to me recently. Like earlier this week recently, my work will be closing it's doors permanently, at the end of this year.  I never talk about my work life(other than complain when it cuts into my crafting), but I am an employee at Sears. I have mixed feelings about this as I have spent the vast majority of my adult life working for them. The silver lining is that I will be able to spend a few months taking a make shift vacation of sorts where I can just craft ( and sleep in for a change).


  1. Congratulations, that’s a lot of ribbons! It’s really a shame the pieces were damaged, but you entries were impressive none the less. I especially like the waterlilies because I tried to tat a waterlily, but mine didn’t look as good as yours! I hope you have another job to go to, that will be a big change for you.

  2. Congratulations on your wins, shame some of the things got damaged.
    There’s always a silver lining to most things, think of all the craft time you will have while you look for another job, you could even find a job that is something to do with crafting

    1. As much as I don't want to continue in retail, it was suggested I get a job at our Hobby Lobby. At least I'd get a discount on my craft

  3. Thank you. I can share the lily pattern if you're interested in making them yourself.