Friday, December 14, 2018

Shuttle talk and binders

The newest addition to my working collection:

This was in commemoration of Diane's Ice Drops group on Facebook. Now I have one to match my Tatting Shuttle Addicts. I like how the "ice drop" is raised to create a grip on the shuttle.

Both of these lovely's were created by Rita from Shuttle by Design. I just adore her shuttles and I have more than a few of I also dipped my hands into shuttle designing or rather decoration. I attempted to create a video tutorial for other craft orientated people to decorate their own shuttles. I have recorded three different sessions and have lots of footage. I don't like editing at all. I thought to record it straight without having to edit anything and simply add captions and upload to Youtube.
I finally have the steps down and worked it out to ten minutes. I just ran out of shuttles to actually decorate. That's not correct, I ran out of transparent shuttles to decorate, so I ordered a few more pairs off ebay and am now waiting for their arrival. The reason for a one pass attempt is that I don't like the large unusable side blocks that show up on the video after it's done processing. I miss the days of Windows Video Maker, it was the best..sigh. Here are some of the decorated shuttles:

Whenever you craft with resin, you have a rather large mess of a work area. There's so many smaller containers of things like stickers, glitters, small metal pieces, random nail art items that I add to the project not to mention the actual bottles of resin and different UV lamps that I use to cure the fast setting UV resin. Accidents happen, especially with glitter. It's sometimes hard to go back to it when you see how much clean up time is involved afterwards. One thing it is great for is to motivate me to get organized!

I began simple, tatting patterns purchased off Etsy, primarily.
Found this cute little 6X8 inch binder with dividers at Walmart for about $3. I picked up a few packages of paper protectors and some cardstock to get started. The card stock was 8.5X11 inches and when cut in half, fit nicely into the protectors. I have about 60 protectors in there but it looks like it can hold 100 easily. I got this smaller sized one because I wanted to be able to tote it around in my bag. I have a ton of patterns on my smartphone but sometimes you don't want to give your eyes a workout while you tat. Having to refocus from a phone screen to my project almost had me poking my eyes out trying to see. I will admit, I have hit myself in the face a time or two bringing the tatting closer to me.
This is a nicer option, and I can tuck a finished sample into the protector when I'm done. I used a chip bag resealer to close the top off so the pages don't get damaged or fall out. Laminating the pages would have been another option, but this was a cheap easy alternative to that.

I have roughly a month left before my store closes it's doors for the final time. I'm sad to see it go since I spent so many years there. However, I am looking forward to taking some time off for "ME". Right now I'm too busy to feel melancholy and I'm stressing trying to get my annual snowflakes done for my coworkers. It's only a dozen or so to make and some Ice Drops I can tat up in an hour, but whenever I catch a moment to tat, distractions come knocking. Even on my breaks at work something breaks my attention away and my shuttles stay forgotten in their case.


  1. The ice drop shuttles are beautiful but as the pound is down against the dollar the cost of postage makes them too expensive at the moment.

  2. All your shuttles are fantastic, and I am waiting still for mine to come❄❤❄