Thursday, March 7, 2019

Shuttles have landed

The first shuttles have arrived.
I purchased these from Amazon. I wasn't looking for them. Originally I was searching for a size 15 crochet hook. For about the same price of one hook I got also a beading needle and ten plastic shuttles. The top two packs in the photo is what was included for a little less than $14 USD. The bottom two I purchased from the same vendor because I wanted black shuttles. No other reason than that. With the exception of one of the solid white shuttles in the three pack, all the others have tip even tips. They are obvious SewMate knockoffs but then again so are the transparent ones I buy off ebay to embellish. These arrived in 2 days compared to 2 weeks from ebay. I'm leave one of each set in their originally wrapping for the "Collection" with the shop details written on the back of the card.

My next box from Sophie&Toffee resin subscription came in. I was less then impressed with it. I cancelled it and am switching over to another craft provider. 
The only thing that interested me was the key chains.

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