The shuttles, they're spawning!

These past couple of weeks have had me working some more tatting shuttles. I began by decorating some shuttles I purchased on Amazon.They are the same size and feel as SewMates tatting shuttles.

The first one was a plain black shuttle. Using some nail art supplies, I got to work turning it into a galaxy.

After this one, inspiration kept me creating some more..

I loved the way the white one turned out. It has an iridescent coating on it that changes color depending on the angle you view it.
Now when I craft, I usually have other random crafting videos from YouTube playing in the background as white noise. It was a painting tutorial. My skills in that area is seriously lacking, but I had ideas on what I wanted to make. A few resin tutorials later, I went about "resin painting" a ocean scene.
After gaining Honey's approval and admiration, I showed it on Facebook's Tatting Shuttle Addicts page. I was happy over the positive response to it. I wanted to make one with the design on both sides instead of one. I had 3 more clear shuttles, so I began again.

It wasn't quite the same as the blues are different shades. I still finished them, sanding and sealing it. I had at this time been attempting to purchase shuttles from a fellow tatter, but she lost the money order I used to pay it. This led to us eventually settling on doing a trade. She liked this shuttle so I made a third and sent it to her, along with two others.
It worked out nicely that we ended up exchanging 3, it allowed me to reuse the packaging rather then throwing it away. These were the ones she sent me.
I like encouraging people to be crafty, it makes me feel good. The dishcloths she crocheted, I loved! 

With one last shuttle, I decided (with Honey's urging) to put it for sale. I have no idea on how to fairly price this. I haven't seen any shuttles similar as to this one I created. Some painted ones, ranged in pricing from $20-$80 USD. Ebay was the answer. I haven't sold anything on Ebay before, mostly I do Etsy, but since I didn't have a set price, I went with auction. It still has 3 days left on it, as of this post.
I began working with the pastel ones. They are lovely all on their own, so I wanted to keep the designing simple. I had 2 of the mini clock faces, so two shuttles were created.

This green shuttle was a very pretty shade so I added some flowers. The purple flower seems to be too big for the piece. The backside I like much better. Delicate.

Since I had resin left over from the previous projects, I decided to make a shuttle out of actual tatting. Then I used a Tatsy shuttle to help shape the first blade. It did not work out. I quickly tatted up another and used some silicone tipped pins to do the shape and painted the resin on.
Here it is with two coating. It was still pretty flimsy so I added a few more coats. I was trying to decide whether this would be a bobbin shuttle or a post shuttle. I only found one bobbin, so post shuttle it will be.
The final product is a bit wider than a Starlit shuttle. It has enough firmness to hold shape, but with enough flexibility to the tips to let the thread pass through.
I have been using much thinner shuttles, so this took a moment for my hands to adjust tatting with it. After using it for a bit, I think it would benefit with an outer chaining. The manner that I tat (up & down motion) makes the thread catch on the spaces between the clovers at times. So that's what on the rest of the days agenda. I have plenty of sewing machine bobbins, so I will use smaller thread to fit those bobbins.


  1. Wonderful shuttles thanks for the lovely post and pictures they are great and the grand fanally tatted one.

  2. They’re all pretty, but the tatting one is outstanding!

  3. The tatting one is so dreamy!!! It is absolutely remarkable 💛💛💛

  4. You have a lovely array of tatting shuttles! I am intrigued by the yellow one. I can see why you feel it would work better with outer chains. Lovely work!