Resin shuttles

 The shuttle is complete! Making the center post took a few hours but I am happy with the results. It's size is just shy of the length of my forefinger. I am hoping that its size will help me learn to tat in the slip and slide method verses the vertical way I normally  tat.
It looks like the flower is encased in ice. There are irregularities inside give it a slightly warped look to it, like looking through clear ice. The next step is to see if it holds up to use. I did record myself making it, so I have a reference to recreating it from the beginning. With ideas still running through my mind, I moved onto  another style of shuttle.

Previously I had made a micro shaker shuttle. I wanted to see if using the layer painting would work to make one. This will most likely take a few weeks to complete. I thought it would be better to start with a similar size to get the technique down. Then later, I can expand to a larger size.
The bottom of the blades with one having the top piece laying on top. 
I added some blue resin to give the appearance of water for the little fishies. The shuttle layers are very thin and fragile right now. It's going to need at least another dozen layers to be sturdy enough to hold pressure. For now, progress is good.


  1. So clever! Love the idea of a shuttle that encases tatting.

  2. Wow!!! I just looked back through several posts and you have some amazing shuttles and shuttle ideas!!! :) I love the tatted shuttles!!! :)
    And your tatted flowers are so pretty!!! :)

    1. Thank you! I go back from time to time and revisit old ideas from before. Sometimes, it's just a quick brainstorming that I never tried because I lacked the confidence at that time.

  3. I am amazed at what you are able to do with resin! It's not something I will ever try, but I do enjoy watching and reading about your process!