I feel like snacking

I know I said I wouldn't do it, but I had to. The last few styles I tried had removed the ability to create new posts for me from the main page. You know, that little New Post link in the upper right hand corner? Luckily, I hadn't cleared my history just yet and was able to access a previous log in that I was able to fix. I'm so irritated with Blogger because of this right now. Okay, enough of this, let's get to the craftiness...

I was able to retro-tat that mistake and we progress. For all of a moment, until I recognized another mistake. I joined backwards to the center beginning piece. How can I tell? You see those little blips of color when the second row was joined? Those same little blips show on the other side where the variegated thread changes color.
Sigh...I'm going to let this sit until Saturday and decide whether to start row two over or just keep on with the pattern. Now, if it's going to be entered in the fair, I'm going to have cut row two and join properly. I just don't want to think on it right now.

As a distraction from my frustration, I decided to find out why the second drawer of the storage box next to me didn't close. From one headache to another, right? Three hours later, I found the culprit...a transparent lid. There was a lot of loose beads in there after a container was broken during the search. I just dumped it all out on one of the workbenches. It's now sitting in a nice pile waiting to get sorted out again. There is a positive to this though. A few drawers are now organized!
There's two of these sectioned off thin drawers in this box. I noticed I tended to just fill another shuttle rather than go through the pile, when working on a project. I did not want to go through the cluster of tangled shuttles looking for color then double checking size to see if I already had loaded shuttles. I have a few more containers of shuttle dumps to go through.
 I really hate to say this but, I'm going to have to buy a dozen or so of the Starlit shuttles to transfer threads of the same size and color off my nicer shuttles. They will have to go into the display case. A good example is the lower left hand corner of size 80 thread. All of those are the same thread. That's not acceptable. I honestly don't think I'll be tatting in this size for a while, so I may just wind it into a ball instead of transferring it. These shuttles are just getting out of control here! These Boyle and Clovers sure like to party there.


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