Going Hunting

Last week sometime, or maybe the week before that I ran across an incredible piece of tatting. It was  a tatted chameleon! Found out yesterday that the designer had wrote up the pattern.

 I have to admit, it is the single most expensive purchase I have made for a single pattern. I can respect the trial and error that went into creating it, so I bought it today, after sleeping on it. I just really wanted to make it! The tatting itself is very simple and straightforward. I didn't have issues until it came time to shape everything.

I couldn't put my finger on why my mind could not understand the directions. After attempting to make one of the legs, I reached out to the only other tatter I know who has done the pattern, on Facebook. I needed guidance, and unfortunately, I couldn't DM the designer on Instagram. I'm in the instant gratification mindset right now.

After a few hours of trashed pieces and a pot of coffee later, it finally came to me. I was getting confused because of how the pattern is numbered/written in the diagram. I tatted up another element and finally got it to go right. Yay! I can finally move on..right after I reload the shuttles.

The WIP head reminds me of a triceratops' head. I'm working it in size 20 Lizabeth thread instead of my normal finer threads.

On the crochet front, we have the final Eeveelution, Flareon done. There is no way I will be able to do the other four in time for the fair. I decided to start working on the Pokemon trainer.

The facial details and fur fluffing is all that's needed on them. Unfortunately I had a weird painful break in my thumb nail. I used my thumb to help hold the piece steady so I can crochet.

I finally just cut all my nails down and clipped this one where it wouldn't hurt anymore. 


  1. Fantastic pattern, I’m glad you’re getting the hang of it.

  2. I also went searching for the pattern, but I merely have it bookmarked at this time. I already have too many works in progress!

  3. It looks like you got it figured out now. Have fun!