Thursday, August 1, 2019

I took a trip to Hobby Lobby in search of that thread. It was harder to find since they reorganized those needle-working departments. I did finally find where they moved it to but unfortunately there was no metallic thread. Then I went aisle by aisle looking for a compatible match. I did find some DMC Diamante thread, but one strand is to thin and two is too thick. I found these in the hand quilting thread section.

They are almost the right size in comparison to the silver. I'm going to do a test swatch and see if it will work out. I can always snip it off it doesn't look right. Or maybe I should just redo it since I think I have enough thread there. It may end up being smaller in overall size than I had planned or wanted.

I wanted to show the two Eeveelutions that are complete, more or less. I'm starting Jolten next, since he has the least amount of parts to make. 

I got some advice on what could be my mistake on the Monster Doily, so I'm going to go recount my rings and chains to make sure they are correct. I'm also going to and read the thread concerning this doily. I think row six is going to have to be redone in the end. I can change the bead colors if that's what I have to end up doing.

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  1. I think that thread is very beautiful looks delicate too might make a good collar for one of these adorable crochet babies.