Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Autumn destruction and constructions

This is one side of the MomCave aka my craft room. My oldest daughter gave me the mini-fridge you see with the dry erase board attached. I needed to make room underneath for it. My youngest girl wanted her desk in her bedroom, so that helped a bit because I was able to move the tool box over, creating space. Those posters are coming down on their own, so I will frame them before putting them back up.

Getting rid of clutter is also on the list of focus for this month. I have a lot of supplies but have a hard time finding them. I love the dollar store for storage baskets. I picked up a few of the medium ones (blue ones on bench) which will help with seasonal supplies such as ornament balls and deco mesh rolls.

My main motivation? Honey set aside a nice cash egg for my birthday this year. I can do whatever I want with it. Go out to eat? Go out of town for the day? Go antiquing? Go craft shopping? Put it aside for whenever I feel like shopping? He told me it was for me to spend however I wish guilt-free. I haven't really bought much in crafting supplies because I'm not working right now. While we are fine as is, I feel that if I'm going to spend money in a type of frivolous manner, I should contribute more to the day to day expenses. I'm not a fan of shopping in general, but craft shopping, I love to do this. To have ideas sprout to life in my mind while I browse craft shops makes me so happy. So in order to buy more supplies, I have to make room. I can't just leave them in a clutter mess, still in the shopping bags to be forgotten until the cleaning bug bites again. Or worse, while in the middle of a project and I'm looking for something I need but can't find it. It's also a good time to take inventory of what I have so I don't end up buying more of what I don't need.

Here's Butters and his chair that he has claimed and started destroying. He likes to climb up on it and bark at anyone passing by the window. Now that he has a perch, he's spending most of his day in here. He only chews on the top of the chair, so with a chair cover it should be easy enough to disguise the damage. The chair is very comfortable for me to sit in for long periods of time. I'm short, but in this chair my feet can rest on the ground without my legs falling asleep from lack of circulation.

My sister-in-law stopped by today and brought me these as a treat from a yard sale she was at. There are a bit of vintage threads there, ranging in sizes from 30 to 8. The small ball of J&P Coats is a nice light brown color. It's like a light coffee color. I have the tatting project in mind for it already. 

For this year I think I'm going to go antiquing with an early dinner to celebrate. Just the thought of treasure hunting seems like so much fun that I can't wait to do it. While at Costco I found they had their winter candies out. I picked up this box for $9. I was going to get several more, but refrained. That's too much sugar for me now, after changing my diet. One or two at most is all I can tolerate before I feel like I need to drink a gallon of water to equalize.


  1. The prospect of a shopping spree is a good incentive for tidying!

  2. Good for you! I chuckled when I read the sentence about leaving newly purchased supplies in their bags, never to be thought of again. I just emptied some of those bags in my craft room! Costco is nearly an hour away, so I'm not tempted by some of the goodies they have, such as your box of chocolates. Dave stops and gets what we need when he's on deliveries in that area. Does the box have little dividers to hold the chocolates in place? I can't help wondering if balls of size 80 thread would fit in there!

    1. Diane, they do! It's part of the reason why I picked it up. Each of those candies is a ball of size 80 I can tuck in there, they are the same size.

  3. I have the same do in Black that enjoys barking at passerbyers too mmmm. I too use those boxes to display my tatting in they are great for pictures you just got to finish them off :)