Sunday, November 17, 2019

Lazy, aches, and grumbles

After the week of 4 A.M. early morning starts I was ready to do a whole bunch of nothing for a day or two. Unfortunately, those shifts reset my internal clock. I was wide awake by 5 A.M. and could not go back to sleep. Instead of just laying there in bed useless, I went looking for something to work on. I found a beginner crochet cardigan on YouTube and got to work on it. I crochet like I tat, tight. My sister-in-law suggested I use hooks two sizes larger than the recommend size for the yarn.
I grabbed my second largest hook and got to work. The yarn is the Loops & Threads: Soft & Shiny that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. Using that large hook did make a large difference of the final feel of the work. It actually feels The skeins are only 207 yards and it's a medium 4 weight yarn originally asking for an I-9 hook. I'm almost at the end of the second skein. I only have one more skein but have yet to reach the end of the back of the piece. I have a feeling this is going to need another 4 skeins to fit my size. It has a very nice drape to it. It is starting to feel a bit heavy though.

It's a good project to work on. Especially since I made the mistake and got my Flu shot and am now dealing with the flu. I knew better, I always get sick when I get these shots but hardly ever when I pass on them. This project is a good way to pass the time until my body aches force me to nap.
These little containers I picked up at the Dollar Tree. I wasn't sure if the kids wanted to make their own snowglobes this year so I just got two different styles. I also picked up some glitter ribbon in red and green but the candies covered them up. 

I'm doing my final week of classes this week. After this, I will officially be done with my schooling. I am already working as a temp in my field through an employment agency. I think I will continue this until I can get hired into the school district, which is my ultimate goal.

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