Monday, November 25, 2019

Turn for the better.

Feeling much better after a quick trip to Starbucks for some Carmel Brulee Coffee...I went in search of my thread pics to keep tatting with my finer threads (size 100).

I found this small hook that I began to covert a long time ago. I went about polishing and coloring the background. I should have used a dark color, I did not expect the threads (Mocha Latte from Lizabeth) to blend into the white so much. I'm not much in the mood to sand that white off, so for now I'm just going to attach a ring and string it up on a chain. There is a large air bubble in front of one of the flowers, so this will need to be drill out and filled. I did manage to extend the shaft of the hook to make it easier to grasp thread without interference from the rest of the piece. The motifs within are Ruth Perry's Celtic Rosebud. 

I feel accomplished for today. Now I can turn on some white noise and work on some snowflakes or whatever catches my interest again.

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