Saturday, December 7, 2019

Squaring it off

I ran across a picture of tatting on Pintrest and it did not have any information as to the book or the author. It looked familiar to me but I gave up looking for it after a couple of hours.  The pattern was a six point snowflake motif. I want to say it was in a Japanese book but I only have about six of those and I couldn't find it. The graphic styling of the tatting reminded me also of how Burda has their patterns in them.

I wanted a square motif so I only repeated four to get the corners. I did not like how the chains were really loose so I began by doing an experiment with a ring connecting the block tatting to the rings in the center. I restarted a new one with that in mind and I like how it is more stable but don't like the large cluster of rings in the center. I think I will just put this in the scrap dish and just work Iris's Square motif book. 


  1. I like the extra rings! They could be a stitch or 2 smaller, though.
    The one without extra rings has more of sense of movement, though.

  2. I like how you have 'played' with the square. Maybe a set of two smaller rings could sit a little higher to avoid the crowding in the centre?