Friday, December 27, 2019

The All Chain Water Lily

I received a few emails about how to make the all chains water lily from a few posts back. I had made this pattern for BellaOnline and I haven't seen it uploaded, so I debated and decided to just post it here for all of you to enjoy.

The Link: Water Lily 3D

I will also be making a YouTube version of it. I realized that the joining methods may confuse some people. It would be helpful for the visual learners. The video will take a few weeks to make since I am still working on the magnolia flowers for my little bonsai tree.

As with all my patterns, disclaimers: You can sell the finished items make with my pattern but respect my copyright and direct people back here if they want the pattern for themselves. Do NOT sell my patterns or any "modified versions" of the patterns as your creations. Sharing is caring.