Sunday, February 23, 2020

Inuyaha crochet series.

I was surfing Pintrest for just random things and came across some Inuyasha anime amigurumi's. A few had links to Etsy shops with patterns for sale. I bought a I began with what is the smallest of the Inuyasha group: Kirara.

I got set on making it. I like the simplified way the designer writes their pattern out. I do have to admit that it can be confusing for new crocheters to understand. I began with the legs and made them at different times. Experienced crocheters will say to never crochet when you are tired because of the difference in tension. I didn't pay any mind and when I went to sew it together, all the legs were different. I simply removed them and continued on. Then I noticed the ears were different sizes as well. Those got snipped too. Here is my newest progress:

 I won't be feathering my version, I don't care for the way the little fibers make it look damaged like the original pattern. I hope to get this finished today so I can go in search of the other characters to make.

And we finish off with a tiny tatting post. I've only been working this during down time at my latest job post. There will be many ends to hide. I may just do that later today after I finish Kirara.

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