Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Lazy crafting, stop and go.

I gave up on my rose. 

I have the intention to make a dozen to pass one out to the people in my little cubical area. I there are only seven of us but there are a few people I want to give to as well. I have so little energy at the end of my days. Even updating the blog is taking too much out of me. I suppose in my age (lol, cough), I can't maintain the stamina to work long days. I may just make something simpler and faster to give.

There was a speed crocheting session this past Friday night/Saturday morning. I received a request for two of those green monsters for Saturday afternoon pick up. I don't know why in the world I agreed to make them. I did make the deadline though, so someone is happy right now.

I ordered some thread that I believed was comparable to size 20. It arrived and turns out to be more like size 3 crochet thread. There isn't very much on this ball so I went in search of small,quick crochet projects on Pintrest. Then I turned to Youtube.

 I have to cover my tattoos at this job site, so a bracelet seemed in order. This is okay, but there's still a small bit of ink showing. I was going to just doing another chaining around the edge but didn't like the way it looked. I changed to a solomon's knot.
Then I changed were the knots were joined and liked the look better. After adding hardware, it was promptly claimed by the youngest daughter. There's enough yarn/thread left over to make another but I lack the motivation to continue.
My two girls had a crafting session together and made some valentine buckets from Dollar Store stuff. I am so grateful that they were more considerate when crafting in the Momcave. They even cleaned up after themselves.

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  1. Hopefully you will get your energy back soon, have a cup of peppermint tea. Love those baby Yodas and sorry the thread was too big but you did create a lovely bracelet.💐