Monday, February 3, 2020

Starting over..with crochet WIP

 A very long time ago, I got it into my head to make a "Coffee Bag" out of crochet. To create the base and what would have been the closing flap, I up-cycled a coffee printed plastic mat. I forgot what type of cord that I was working with. I got tired of looking at this WIP every time I opened the drawer it was in so I thought to reuse the cord and make a coin purse/bag.
As the base was being made, I decided to make it large enough for me to put my cellphone in it. The metal purse frame has two closures on it so it would be two different compartments in the finished bag. I had to find a pattern that was not a yarn hog and finally just settled on this one

Just as I was starting on the climb up rows I got this really nasty blister. The cord is difficult to work with as it keeps wanting to undo itself. This means I had to go down a crochet hook and crochet tightly, thus the blister formed. I slapped a band-aid on it and kept working until I used up all of the cord. Then I just grabbed some black yarn that was about the same weight/size and continued on. 
I think it's sock yarn, but don't quote me, the tags are missing. The ball should be enough to get the height I need to fit my phone in. I am too tired from work to do anymore on this until the weekend, so it will stay on my workbench where I can see it and not neglect it.

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