Saturday, March 7, 2020

Daiso part 2

We took another trip down south to visit Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. This car on the freeway echoed our sentiments exactly. With my time at my temp job coming to a close, it felt right to take a trip. This time our son decided to join us, since he felt left out when we stopped at Dave & Busters last time.

We stopped to eat lunch at JVP Sushi and Teriyaki. The food and pricing were both good. I love tempura veggies and it's the only way I can eat eggplant. Afterwards, the girls went to Daiso, the boys to the arcade upstairs.
I found the lucky cat pen so cute I had to get it. Then I started stocking up on craft supplies. They had acrylic hooks and I picked one up in a size I thought I didn't already have. Turns out I had one that was metal but the head was more of a tapered head verses the hook head like this.When I found the cord minders, I had to get them. I have been using velcro strips and rubber bands to hold the many charging cables together. The problem with velcro is that it picks up all sorts of lint. Now those wires are all under control.

I did find the UV resin I missed out from the last Daiso trip. I bought their entire stock out. It wasn't a very large stock. Most of the nail art inclusions that I used were no longer being carried. I picked up the only thing that caught my interest. Those stitch markers came in handy as I crocheted on the long drive to L.A. I was happy to find the paper trimmer. Yes, I could have bought a heavier duty one for about $15 more at Walmart or Office Depot or even Michaels, but for $2 this was really all I need to cut down some printouts.

 I also picked up a few more adjustable compartment containers and this clear case with a hinged lid. There were also a few small trays that I got for a project that I can't recall now.

Besides the UV resin my other objective was to find a small bowl/container for the bonsai tree tatting project. This one seems just about the right size. There were several other bowls that were more appealing but the base were raised at odd angles. I did not have the confidence they would be stable when the tatting would be added to it. I wanted it in a grey verses this mocha brown color but the grey had this weird line drawn over it that distracted. I also picked up some other random things like bobby pins, socks, and Japanese snacks. All in all, I spent $40 here and really feel like I have gotten my money's worth.

Afterwards, we went to Tokyo Village and checked out the shops there. I picked up some really pretty chopsticks for myself and this Corgi pouch for my Honey. He wants a Corgi dog so bad and I told him when we get a house with a larger yard, we can adopt another dog. This was my funny way of giving him what he wants. LOL.. My girls each had their own shopping bags full of random things they bought. All in all, it was a good family trip. Now with my job assignment coming to a close it's time to schedule my surgery and focus on recovery. With the two months downtime I can focus on tatting again and working on my shuttle prototypes.

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  1. Sounds like the recipe for a good trip when you can go shopping and the boys can go to an arcade!