Saturday, March 28, 2020

Shuttle Prototype Day (SPD)

This morning I woke up feeling off, er, tired, restless, bored. There is plenty of supplies for all sorts of projects in my craft room. Too many, I couldn't find focus. In the end I just decided to try and finish the shuttles I'm working on. One cup of coffee and one batch of resin later, disaster struck. The resin was halfway cured when I spilled my cup. Resin and moisture do not play nice together. I had to throw the whole thing away. I was so angry with myself. I still wanted to keep working on the shuttle idea, so I pulled out whatever UV resin I had and got back to work on it. 

I began by making some fishes. They quickly multiplied. Then shaping the shuttle blade. I will admit, I was losing interest at this point.

The idea is to make a "shaker shuttle". To have glitter floating around in the shuttle as you tat. I had this idea on the back burner for a long time. I was at the point where the fluid is added and seal the blades, when I decided I didn't like the glitter idea after all. Next idea: fish pond shuttle.
I still like the leaves kind of floating on the surface so I kept that in place. I also realized that I would need to keep the center flat, not curved like a traditional shuttle, in order for the inclusions to be able to move freely within.
I added three fishes to the pond. The base is made with a variety of crushed shell pieces to create the floor. I realized you couldn't really see the fishes because they blended too much with the background. I added more blue to the other blade base.

These look much better. Here's a comparison of the two blades:

The shell background is more faded but the fishes are much more dramatic, which appeals to me more. The blades are currently what is called dry shaker stage, meaning there is no fluid in it yet. I need to find a way to make a more seamless joining of the pieces. Especially since it's too obvious on the darker blue. I also need to make the fishes thinner so the blades will not have to be made too thick to accommodate them. It will still need several coats to the top to make it sturdy enough to withstand pressure from holding it while tatting. It's still very rough at this point. The tips will have to be extended to hold proper tension and shaped. Width wise, they currently compare to the Starlit, as far how thick they feel in the hand.

Obviously, the actually blades are thicker, in comparison, to accommodate the shaker part of it. I really don't want to make any shuttles larger than the Starlits because they would be too difficult for my hands to be able to tat with them. The problem I'm currently having is the shuttle going soft from being exposed to the UV light so much right now. I have to let the blade cool down so I can sand and began shaping the blades. I also have to decide what type of post to create for this shuttle. This is where I stop for today, as the UV resin had a strong odor that is starting to give me a headache, and I'm in the mood for some snacking and Kdrama now.

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