Thursday, April 23, 2020

Keeping busy and replenishing

 My eldest daughter purchased a cat tree for her cat, unfortunately it was too small for his size. Since we have an older cat who is on the smaller size we brought it home with us. She's under Tenchi in the enclosed space. They both love that they are higher up so Butters can't mess with them anymore, he's so hyper sometimes. There's always a time when all you want to do is chill out.
Here is the youngest with her Beanie cat hat done. I found another cat ear hat that I like more after I finished this. I was going to make the elder kid one, but she didn't like the look of it. Honey said he'd wear it but he has a big head and I don't have enough yarn for it. LOL. My son doesn't like anything on his head so there went that.

We took a trip to our closest dollar store for some cleaning supplies and paper plates (I'm tired of washing dishes right now). They had upgraded their craft supplies and this is what I brought home: 
  • I got three mini binders to put patterns and finished pieces by specific designers in there. Obviously, I'm going to need more but as a start three was a good place. I was thinking of doing one for Tat-a-longs. Honestly, I wanted to use up my printer ink before it dried out. This happened to our second Kodak printer, the ink sat for so long it dehydrated(?)/dried out and is wasted. It would give me the option to sit outside on the patio and tat without having to go back inside because my tablet needs a recharge on the battery. 
  • Bead containers you can never have enough of. I also use the glass screw top ones for my glitters, powders, and small shell inclusions/items for resin. It sucks when you go to pop the top off glitter and it POOF! goes everywhere as you remove the lid. There were also larger glass containers with the screw lids I bought but they didn't make it in the picture here.
  • Wooden dowels. You never know when you'll need them. They are also the same size as my Pop-A-Bobbin holders so I can cut replacements whenever I need them. 
  • Clay tool. It says embossing tool, but it's something I regularly see with the clay stuff at craft stores. 
  • Nail buffer block. I use this to polish my flat resin pieces when I want them to have a bit of a matte look to them. One side, I can use with a small amount of polish cream to get the shine back on resin pieces as well. Before I use it for resin, I break the block in by doing my Honey's nails. He lets me buff them from time to time. I'm want to take him to get a manicure when the quarantine is over, I think he'd enjoy that.
  • Yarn! They have yarn. I calculated the yardage in those skeins and compared them to other similar brands and these are the better deal.

 This is something I can use as and edging fringe on crochet projects. I picked up two of the mint green and baby blue but they only had one white, I still picked it up. This is what they call eyelash yarn. They did have a few shades of pink/rose, brown, cream, and a multicolored one but the color shades did not appeal to me. They also had some regular 4-weight acrylic skeins. Those I didn't get any of because I wanted to use these before I added more yarn to the stash. I don't want my MomCave to be taken over with yarn stashes. The yardage was different on those as well, so I will have to compare that with other yarns to see if they are worth the cost. I probably should have grabbed at least one skein, just to see how it works up.
 My youngest found this sign and wanted it for her door. Honey likes to sing this song a lot. The glitter does tend to flake off on everything. I'm thinking of putting a top coat of resin on it to seal it.

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