Saturday, May 30, 2020

Pocket shawl

I know I said I would end my crocheting kick last week. There was a shawl with pockets going around Facebook and my eldest requested I make her one. So with one week left in this month (essentially), I gave in and purchased the pattern.

The first six rows went by so fast, then I reached the mesh portion. I'm having a hard time to keep myself working on it. I don't know why but the double stitch wrapped around the previous stitch is hitting an nerve. There's 23 rows of this mesh, I have 14 completed. The urge to rip my hair out is so strong with this pattern. I have no reason for it. The stitches are simple, nothing complicated. 

I'm essentially half way through the project. I'm using a dark grey Carron 4 weight yarn. The jumbo skein doesn't have quite enough to  make it so I'm incorporating black from Red Heart to make up the difference. I distracted myself from the mesh by working the pockets in black. I made most of the pockets shape, since I will need some of that grey to do a few rows to tie the two colors in.
I will also add a row of black single crochet around the shawl. I think this will help support the fringe better. My eldest will be visiting tomorrow. She is supposed to help me organize and de-clutter the Momcave closet. She wants to see what crafting treasures she can find and abscond with. I want to have this done so she can take it with her. 

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