Friday, July 31, 2020

Titania, continued

The stand has arrived. The instructions took a quick minute to look over before I figured out how to properly assemble it. Some of the openings for the rods were a very rough cut with edges that flaked when I inserted them. I'm thinking of taking a file to them and smoothing them out. With the working surface further away from my face, I'm having to use my 3X magnifying glasses. At least now my hand can stop cramping from holding the hoop.I love how the fabric is neatly rolled out of the way on the scroll frame. 

I spent the entire day working on it. This is where I was when I put it on the frame:

And this is where I ended up 8 hours later:

It seemed like I was making faster progress when I held it closer to my face. I will admit I spent some time taking breaks in between. The muscles in my forearm are starting to make themselves known as I stitch. They were pretty sore at the end of the day. Let's see how far I get today! I'm hoping to have this top portion done within a few days and then the entire piece by next week. I do have to get 2 colors that I am missing. I was certain I had them in my collection, then purchased as a "backup", but can't find them anywhere.

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  1. Impressive stand. I imagine it’ll take a bit of time for your muscles to get used to using it.