Sunday, October 4, 2020

It's national Taco Day!

It's National Taco Day! No one in the house wants tacos today. Ironic, I know, I can hardly believe it disappointed.

With my eldest now somewhat situated, I went back to some minor crafting. The blades I was working on were lost. Actually, half of the blades were lost. The cat my daughter has knocked them into the trash can and it was tossed before I noticed. Nothing to do about it but make more another time. 

The day before I saw a Facebook post about my tatting patterns and the fact there are errors on some of them. 😳 Today, I spent time going over the first one, Lotus, and corrected the few mistakes and elaborated on the instructions a bit more. I uploaded the updated pdf of it already. I was also trying to record the tatting of it, but my eldest was also in the room at the time. It's hard to record when you have a someone playing video games with their music loudly playing in the background. Each pattern is going to be checked again for errors, so this may take some time to complete.

Today at our local history museum, they had an outdoor flea market. The family all went and the only thing that caught my interest is this little skeleton knitting. I thought it would be perfect for my mom, since she was a knitter near the end of her days. We added it to her shelf.

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