YouTube crafting

It occurred to me that it may be a useful to have a page of all the crafts I make off YouTube. This way I will have a backup of sorts of the projects should I ever need to go back or remake a particular project. Let's begin with the current project:

Puntos Flora para Chal (Flower Point Shawl)

Being made with Red Heart it's a wrap color 9255 Comedy. Project began 7/6/2019

This is my current progress. There are eight completed rows. In this size thread it measures 23 CM width, and 14 CM in height, at it's furthest points. It actually is the same size as the photo model up above by the designer (Merry Cardiel). I rewrote the pattern in the way I prefer tatting patterns, with minimal text. I know there are graphed representations of crochet terms, but I haven't learned to read those yet.

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