Friday, March 15, 2019

Crafty travels and aquisitions

My family switched carriers and upgraded our phones. I went with the Samsung Galaxy S10+. I wanted the extra storage since I take a HUGE amount of photos I'm usually too forgetful to transfer to the external hard drive. I just wanted to share my wallpaper and it's cute icons. The kitties are just too cute! Now let's see what Craftiness has come into my little world...

I tatted up one egg so far. The pattern is from Anna Barzyk. I used size 50 DMC thread to make this and this was the larger of the eggs from that pack I picked up a few weeks ago. It is a 4cm egg. With the finer thread, I was able to join directly to the different elements without using a separate thread to tie it all together.

I was thinking of printing out a little booklet of free egg shaped patterns to carry around with me. This way I can tat up some eggs as Honey and I run errands. He drives me and I usually play Pokemon Go or read and ebook during this time.

I rescued these two lovelies from a second hand shop. The egg is badly warped, the metal is thick but I can maneuver it. I have to be careful because the filigree welding is thin. I do have a soldering iron, but no solder to go with it. To be honest, it's still in the original packaging, I never opened it. It was in the MomCave closet. I wonder what other treasures I will eventually find in there. The clock is nice and heavy. I'm not much into the distressed look, so I plan on switching out the face in the clock. I ordered a resin clock face mold, hopefully it will fit this one. If not, I have a few doilys that will fit nicely in there.
It does make a good photo prop on its own. Kat and I made some cupcakes and I made this mini cake. Cake decorating is a skill I have to practice more with. After I attempted to frost the little cake, my youngest went about decorating it.

The newest addition to the crafting arsenal. It's a 3D pen. This one is rated kid safe. I thought it would be another craft that Kat could do and be entertained longer then one or two crafting sessions. Unfortunately, the user manual didn't actually explain clear enough on how to use it. I turned to YouTube and found one close enough to the model I purchased. I began to practice using it, so I can help Kat when she begins with it. I wasted almost a whole roll of one color before I realized how to control the flow speed. Good thing I planned ahead and purchase a box of extra filament.
Following a simple-ish tutorial on Youtube, I attempted to make a Pokeball.

These were the better results. The quality of the final results really depends on your ability to draw. I tried a more simple design and got better results.
 As I was working on these I had the idea to make a shuttle with this. I had this plan to make a stained glass type of shuttle, so I made the 'skeleton' of the shuttle with this.

These were trial #5 & #6, I attempted to sand the plastic as smooth as I could. Then I pulled out the UV resin and began to fill in the hearts.
This brand of UV resin is not that great so they probably will need 2 days of sunshine to fully cure. I tried really hard to get the colors to match when the blade were assembled. I like the way the one on the left, came out, better. Maybe it's the swirl in the large center heart. I filled in the gaps between the hearts with a glitter white UV mix. I still need to create a post for them. Originally, I had thought to copy the shuttle made for the Brussel's Women Project.

 I like the clean simple lines of it. But I didn't want to infringe on anyone's shuttle styles, so I went back to the stained glass idea. From tip blade to tip blade, this shuttle is 2 1/4 inches long, it's slightly shorter than a large Clover. It's still very rough, but I am please for what is essentially a first run.
The next in my shuttle orders had arrived! These are from Veronica in Russia. I love them! I wanted these for my Collection. Another of the shuttles that have arrived are the black shuttles I ordered off
 They were "Free, just pay shipping" which was $1 USD, so they come to 50 cents each. They look and feel exactly like the shuttles from the Amazon purchase.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Shuttles have landed

The first shuttles have arrived.
I purchased these from Amazon. I wasn't looking for them. Originally I was searching for a size 15 crochet hook. For about the same price of one hook I got also a beading needle and ten plastic shuttles. The top two packs in the photo is what was included for a little less than $14 USD. The bottom two I purchased from the same vendor because I wanted black shuttles. No other reason than that. With the exception of one of the solid white shuttles in the three pack, all the others have tip even tips. They are obvious SewMate knockoffs but then again so are the transparent ones I buy off ebay to embellish. These arrived in 2 days compared to 2 weeks from ebay. I'm leave one of each set in their originally wrapping for the "Collection" with the shop details written on the back of the card.

My next box from Sophie&Toffee resin subscription came in. I was less then impressed with it. I cancelled it and am switching over to another craft provider. 
The only thing that interested me was the key chains.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Today's journey began with the kids both making a clock tray at our Home Depot.

At first, my son was being bratty because he wanted to play online with his friend on the gaming console. Once he actually began building his little tray he seemed to really enjoy it. After he was finished he wanted to make another one. This event is a monthly thing we will be going to from now on.
The second order of the day was upgrading and making room for Kat's desk. We picked out an inexpensive one from Walmart and I had the task of building it. I like working with my hands, and that one only took about 30 minutes to put together. What I didn't like was rearranging to make room. Behind me, the MomCave closet is a total disaster that I will have to sort out and de-clutter tomorrow. The chair she is using seems to be a bit too big for that desk, so I may go get her a smaller one later in the week. It is a comfortable chair though, and gives really good back support, so I'm hesitating tossing it out and replacing it.
I finally made it back to Hobby Lobby to exchange that Pearl thread that was the wrong size. I picked up another grey one and found these embroidery scissors. The handle says SewMate, I was going to get the two pack of SewMate shuttles that are under the Yarnology label now, but in the end didn't. I'm not buying anymore shuttles until I get the current collection under control. The exception is a pair of shuttles from a fellow tatter destashing on Facebook. Speaking of Facebook tatting, I have made no progress on the Monster doily. I did sew in the ends from the first three snowflakes, so I suppose I did make progress afterall.

The Monster currently fits in this repurposed kids hair caddy. The original contents have long been lost. The jeweler's lenses have little lights that make it extremely easy to find the spaces to be able to sew in the ends. Much better than the magnifiers I was using before. Speaking of neverending projects...Here is the current status on my oldest daughter's crochet blanket request.
 I have to say I am fed up and bored with this, but it does look really nice. I have 3/4 of the dark blue skein to finish the base. After that, it's making the Paupou fruit (Kingdom Hearts video game reference) and I will be done!