Friday, August 10, 2018

Let's start working

Up went two of the smaller shuttle cases. The top has a few of the different colored Clovers, the bottom has resin shuttles that I have made over the years. You can see how aged they are by how yellow they tinted, as they were made with a cheap resin class back when I was learning how to work with the medium. I hung up two more cases on the wall, but they need to be painted and the shelves added....yeah a definite work in progress.

Since the shadow boxes are lightweight, I'm using 3m Velcro strips to hold up the boxes. They're rated to hold up to 10 pounds, I doubt the shuttles weigh that much. (haha). The only motivator for this is my dog Butters. This little fluff ball has learned how to open the drawers to my toolbox and picks out random items to chew on. I have to put my tools up on the walls now, so annoying.

This is a 100 Yen shuttle from Japan, that I painted in UV resin. I was trying to figure out if the resin will bond to these plastic shuttles or if it would flake off. This was a prompt from the facebook group Tatting shuttle Addicts, where a member wanted to know on how to seal shuttles they paint themselves. As you can see, my painting skills are very crude and basic. I like the background more than the actual focal point. This is five layers of painting with resin on it. It's pretty thin, I like how it doesn't add much to the width of the actual shuttle. I tried to 'pick' the resin off, and it did come off the side edges but none came off the flat top. I really tried to pick it off too, since I wanted to repaint something else on this. It's going to need some sandpaper to get it off. Now I know, at least on these type of shuttles, that the resin is a really good sealer. Now to try this on some Moonlight shuttles. I have some I purchased where the shell is starting to lift off the shuttle. I don't know how these were sealed, but if the UV resin bonds similarly, I can repair them.
I tried using super glue on the blue shuttle but it just made a nasty glob on the end and lifted after some light tatting work with it. Before I attempt to repair the bottom green one, I'm going to try sealing some stickers on another pair of Moonlights I have. I really don't want to ruin the shell layer on it. If I can't fix them, into the collection box they go. They're Moonlights, I can easily pick up a few pairs at Hobby Lobby here locally.

Now for the actually tatting updates:

It's time for some fair tatting! I can't add any of the pieces I finished last year prior to my Mother passing away, I get too emotional when I handle them. Just thinking about them gets me teary eyed. Shake it off girlie, let's keep moving. I finally read the categories for the entries. There's a 2 per class limit, so two tatting items. To qualify for best of show there has to be 3 or more separate entries. I have a strong suspicion, there won't be a best of show for the "tatting" section. There was no tatting entered last year according to friends who attended.
This is one of the famous UFO's on my blog, the El Dorado Doily. It likes to visit in different colors and thread sizes but never finishes the story.

This pattern that has been working up faster as I do all of an element instead of a section. The very center will be the last I work. I haven't hid any of the tails as I worked. I was having a blah crafty day and decided to sew them in. I broke 3 beading needles and only managed to work in four elements. Today I was supposed to go pick up some more, but the air quality is very harmful to us asthmatics, so inside I stay. I clearly tat too tight. At least I know the finish piece will last for years. This one is going to be listed as miscellaneous lacework with beads. 

One of the sweepstakes entries is Butterflies! How can I not tat them up? These were worked up last night before I got too tired. I'm going to do them up in multiple colors. I think I'll use Ruth Perry's Celtic Butterfly as the center piece and lay these around it. I'm still planning out the display of them.

There's one more for a "Rainbow" category. I think I'm going to do some "tatted balloons", or something along those lines. I have another week to pay the fees and a month before it all needs to be turned it. I think 5 projects in total will be a good amount to do without me getting overwhelmed.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Fix it, play, and think it through

Butter's attacked again! He has a major attraction to wooden shuttles. I mixed up some resin and used it to 'glue' it back together. It looks a bit lumpy but is actually smooth. The dog's little teeth gauged it really bad. I did the same for another one of my Pop-A-Bobbin shuttle with clear resin on that one.

There was resin left over so I made a quick cabochon for an Ice Drop to be made in the future.
 This little strip of triangles was just an attempt to keep busy. I finally received my fair entry catalog and was trying to find some ideas to enter. I only downloaded the catalog, I haven't had time to actually read through it yet. I stopped here because I lost track of my progress and went the wrong way. I wasn't able to split ring climb to the next element. I think it would make a nice trim if it had another row of simple rings to join this strip to a piece of fabric.

 It's the five year anniversary of the Facebook group, Tatting Shuttle Addicts, of course I had to order one to celebrate. I love Rita's acrylic shuttles, there's a few in my collection already.
 This little piece is going to be shaped around the bunny and made into a keychain. Now I will always have a pattern at my fingertips to tat when I'm bored. The pattern is from Wiki. The file was found on imageshack.
 This little clay Evee with it's Pokemon egg never made it to be baked. After sculpting them, I made the mistake of leaving them on the desk when I went to work. I came home to an empty baking sheet. I couldn't even find them anywhere in the carpet so I can assume they were eaten or became bottom shoe art for someone else.
This lovely bamboo tray is going to be converted into a small shuttle display table. After making some dividers for it and a acrylic hinged lid. I'm in the recycling ugly end table phase right now. This will be the top to a recliner side table. Maybe even add some fine tatting and sealing that with resin.....The ideas are flowing right now. I just need time to make it.

Friday, July 6, 2018

They bloom

Let's start with the most recent, then work backwards. Some of you will find the post has some familiar items in it because I've posted to Facebook already. A few nights ago I was beginning to tat up some flowers to add to some shuttles I plan on casting next month. This is a blade from one I made a few years ago. I wanted to make a mold out of it, but it wasn't possible as it was too flat and wouldn't hold the curve for a post shuttle.

 I got distracted, and ending up making interlocking rings (celtic). After a few were made, I noticed that depending on how they overlap, they can look like a flower.
They unfortunately didn't stay put. So I played around with different ways on how to run the thread so it would stay where I wanted. In the end I just joined the two larger outside rings to one another and it worked!
Now in theory, it was pretty straight foward, and joining to the first side of one was easy and normal. The tricky part was turning the work so it would lay properly before joining to the second picot. I did record it when I tried to make a second one of these blossoms. The footage has about 2 minutes of me just fiddling with the thread before finally getting it right. The hardest part was closing that last ring. You can't just 'tug' the ring closed, you have to walk it in sections. It's a slow manual closing in tiny portions at a time. If you tug, your thread will snap. I'm looking for an unused Tatsy shuttle so I can make this in size 10 thread to create a tutorial for it. It's had good feedback on Facebook, and people seem to want to recreate it.

The last couple of posts mentioned storage solutions, and here is another one. I ordered this photo storage box on for $8 USD. Inside of it is 6 smaller containers meant to hold 4X6 pictures. This is a wonderful for when my projects grow larger, I get distracted and put them aside for another. I can print out the pattern on a 4X6 photo paper so no more trying to remember/ decipher what the project is, and just stick it in there along with the shuttles and thread.
I'm most likely going to order the larger 5X7 sized bundle, but that was more just a 10 pack of them with no box to store them. If you want to look at them for yourself, they are labeled as " 6 pack Photo Keeper". Michael's and JoAnn's both had something almost identical for two to four times what I paid for this. Oh and it's acid free archive safe.

On Facebook in one of the tatting groups there was a post about how they stored their shuttles in old thread display boxes. It motivated me to finally make up one that I purchased supplies for months ago. The progress from a wood cut out, the shelves and sides being made, the painting and attempts at decoupage, and finally, the finished pieces!
The shelves have a small lip on them so the shuttles don't fall out by accident. I couldn't decide whether to add some hinges and cover so I left it as it is. I have a much larger one that only needs the shelves to be cut that I think will get that hinged top to keep the dust out better.
This lovely hanky was one of the treasures I found while checking out antique store with my Honey. It was calling for some tatting to decorate it. I searched for a pattern that would compliment the curves of the fabric, but this was harder than I thought. Most edging patterns are straight edged. I found one on Pintrest that could fit depending on where I joined to the hanky. This was a test tat run to see how it would lay and how to space the joinings. It's being worked in size 100 DMC thread. I can't tat and not drink tea. In the cup is cinnamon tea I learned to make thanks to a recipe from Pintrest as well. Originally, it had cream and such in it but I didn't want all that extra sugar so it's just cinnamon and water. It's sweet enough on its own.
Let's end this post with a snapshot from the beach. The kids are getting so big now. They didn't want to leave, and complained the entire way back home. We didn't bring Butter's with us because this trip was completely sporadic. Next time, we'll bring the dog so he can play as well.